7 Ways to Show Your Clients Appreciation Virtually

Feb 11, 2021 | Building Relationships, Business Owners, Sales Relationships

Now more than ever it is critical that we show clients our appreciation. If you are like me, you really love your customers and you want to show it.  

Simple gestures of gratitude will be remembered and valued by clients, especially during these stressful and turbulent times.  

Of course, the best way to show appreciation is to give them an exceptional customer experience and these ideas are some little extras beyond that to show them some love.   

Ways to Show Your Clients A Little Love  

1. Sending Gifts 

This is the first idea many will think of when brainstorming ways to show their clients they appreciate them. There are many companies like AlyceSendoso, Packed with Purpose, Teak and Twine and Gift Goose, that will send gifts for you. Sendoso and Gift Goose have plans for individuals and smaller companies to use.  (I interviewed several of these CEOs and you can listen to Kris Rudeegraap, CEO of Sendso, Leeatt Rothschild, CEO of Packed with Purpose, Torrance Hart, CEO of Teak and Twine.)

You can also send something from your local favorites. LoLo Gifts will help you do that. I like to send chocolates from my friends in Nevada like Dorinda’s and Sugar Love. I also like to send coffee from my friends at Frankly Good coffee.

When sending gifts, one thing I recommend is to make sure you stand out! Clients get bombarded with gifts in November and December. Stand out and by sending gifts at different times throughout the year. I like the send them on Ground Hog’s Day, Valentine’s Day, 4th of July, Halloween (if your clients are in other countries follow their holidays). But any day is a good day to show appreciation.  

2. Make a Charitable Donation

Reach out to your clients and let them know you’d like to contribute to their favorite charity in their honor. CharityChoice can help you do that.  

3. Hold Virtual Events 

Hosting an in-person client appreciation event most likely won’t be happening for the foreseeable future. But, there are many other ways to hold your own virtual client appreciation events or send tickets to online events (learning or fun). 

  • Add some fun to your virtual events with Evenchilada 
  • Have virtual coffee/happy hour with your clients and introduce them to each other.  
  • Hold a virtual wine tasting with your favorite winery. I like Halleck Vineyards. 
  • Have a make your own cocktail/mocktail with a bartender instructing. 

4. Giving Compliments

Give a compliment or even a shout out to your clients with a handwritten note, phone call, email, or even on social media! These are all quick and easy ways to show your clients you appreciate them and make them feel valued. If you want to use social media, LinkedIn has a feature called LinkedIn Kudos that makes it easier than ever to express gratitude.  

I’ve noticed that some may feel awkward about giving a compliment so here is an example.  

Send a handwritten note or email to the CEO or a company leader and say,   

You may not know this but working with your team on xxx is a great pleasure. They are smart, thoughtful problem solvers who get the job done. Getting to work with people like Joe, Shayla, and Taylor make my day.   

5. Make Introductions  

One of the easiest ways to show your clients you appreciate them is by making introductions. Do you know someone who could benefit from your client’s product or service? Send them over to your client! Or maybe you know someone who could be a great referral source for them. Sometimes it’s just introducing them to a needed resource.  

6. Give Their Posts a Boost 

Are your clients active on social media? I find that most of mine are on LinkedIn and they post on their company page and several of the individuals make posts also. I love to read their posts and make a comment. Of course, a quick “like” or a comment, will show them you stopped by.  

One of the best ways to give them a boost is to tag other people who should know about them so they will stop by and even better, if they won an award, made a great hire, or are holding an event, share it. Here are some examples:

7. Send a Great Book 

If you can’t get their physical address, send them a kindle. A book I love to give is The Practice by Seth Godin. I also sometimes give illustrated books like I’m in Charge of Celebrations by Bryd Baylor or Together is Better by Simon Sinek 

One of the books sales leaders love is The Sales Manager’s Guide to Greatness by my friend Kevin Davis.

Exceptional customer experience is a must in my eyes. So, start there because all the appreciation in the world will have little impact if you don’t deliver as promised and support that delivery in a way that delights.  

As we continue to work through these challenging times, showing your clients you love and appreciate them will be something they remember  

How will you show your clients you appreciate them? Leave a comment below!  

P.S. Want more ideas? Here are a few from our friends at Forbes.  

Alice Heiman

Alice Heiman

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