Sales Talk for CEOs: Creating a Mission-Aligned Sales Team with Leeatt Rothschild (S2:E4)

Feb 17, 2022 | Sales Talk for CEOs Podcast

Leeatt Rothschild is the CEO of Packed with Purpose,  a specialty corporate gifting company that sources from minority-owned companies with superior products that make a social impact. Social mission affects everything at Packed with Purpose—from how they market and package products to the people they hire. In fact, Leeatt has worked hard to build a mission-aligned sales team, which has greatly contributed to the company’s success. The truth is, every CEO needs to think about creating a mission-aligned sales team. That’s why you’ll want to listen to this episode of Sales Talk for CEOs to learn how Leeatt does it.

In this episode, you’ll learn how Leeatt has taken the value of ‘social mission’ and woven it into every aspect of sales and marketing in her company. We discuss finding mission-aligned sales team members and why this is so important for growing your business and reaching sales goals. We also talk about the art of active listening and how you can use the words and stories of customers to improve every area of your marketing, including your website, emails, sales scripts, and brochures. Whatever your specific company values are, this episode will give you ideas on how you can weave them into your sales and marketing too. Listen in now!

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Highlights of this Episode:

[1:28] Finding a unique place in the market

[8:04] Becoming obsessed with an idea

[13:00] “If I don’t take this idea to market, someone else will.”

[19:50] Seeing sales as helping

[28:43] The scrappiest market research: listening to your customers

[34:44] Hiring people that are mission-aligned

[40:45] Making it easier to be your customer (and harder to be your competitor)

About Our Guest

Leeatt Rothschild has more than 15 years of experience at the intersection of business, sustainability, and brand purpose. She is Founder and CEO of Packed With Purpose, a Woman-owned company that blends gifting and doing good. Her previous experience includes two years in the Peace Corps and advising Fortune 500 executives on social responsibility initiatives. She currently also serves as a board member for the Anti-Defamation League, an advisory board member of Bright Endeavors, a mentor for Loyola University’s Baumhart Scholars and a judge for the Jacobson Global Venture Awards at the Lauder Institute.

Founded in 2016, Packed with Purpose is on a mission to create meaningful impact by changing the way companies and individuals give gifts. Packed with Purpose works with a wide range of social enterprises and purpose-driven companies to curate bespoke, memorable, and environmentally conscious gifts that inspire positive change. Ranked 149th on Inc. Magazine’s 2021 list of rapidly expanding private companies, Packed with Purpose has worked to expand its reach over the past year through meaningful business partnerships and ambitious company initiatives that turn every gift into an opportunity for social, environmental, and personal improvement.

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    Fabulous and so insightful.

    • Alice Heiman

      Thank you, Jennifer.


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