Sales Talk for CEOs: Owning Your Role as Sales Leader with Torrance Hart (S2:E3)

Feb 3, 2022 | Sales Talk for CEOs Podcast

Torrance Hart is CEO of Teak and Twine, a corporate gifting company that works with sales, marketing, and HR teams to use strategic gifting to accomplish goals. Once Torrance embraced her role as sales leader, there was no turning back. She now loves her work leading sales and credits her involvement in the sales process as one of the primary reasons for the rapid growth of Teak and Twine. Her story is a great example of what owning your role as sales leader can do for your business!

In this episode, you’ll learn a little about Torrance’s company and how you might use strategic gifting to achieve your own business goals. You’ll also find out how Torrance leads her sales team by focusing on ‘worktopia’ and collaboration. In addition, we discuss our favorite sales and entrepreneur-based podcasts and some hot business topics like EOS and account-based marketing. Listen in now!

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Highlights of this Episode:

[1:05] Strategic gifting for sales, marketing, and HR

[7:07] Virtual gifting to build engagement

[12:35] A big project inspires a big pivot

[17:02] An important realization

[25:00] Creating “worktopia”

[28:08] Maintaining a collaborative atmosphere

[32:17] EOS and finding an ‘integrator’

[38:08] Account-based marketing

About Our Guest

Torrance Hart leads the sales team in addition to driving business strategy for Teak & Twine. A born entrepreneur, Torrance spent eight years in the Air Force before launching Teak & Twine in 2015. The company was born out of her combined passion for business and marketing and her love of quality products in beautiful packaging. At the time, Teak & Twine was focused on creating custom wedding guest boxes, but an opportunity to create a holiday gift for Microsoft helped Torrance identify the company’s true niche. She’s since grown Teak & Twine into a multi-million dollar business focused exclusively on corporate gifting. Torrance Hart has shared her expertise in marketing, retail, and product-based businesses on The Goal Digger, Pattern of Purpose, The Brand Strategy Podcast, She Creates Business, and more.

About Teak & Twine
Founded in 2015, Teak & Twine is the rapidly growing corporate gifting company that creates beautiful, highly customizable gifts as an extension of a company’s marketing and HR strategy. Whether it’s a thank-you gift to a prospective client or a holiday gift for employees, each Teak & Twine gift contains best-in-class products sourced from small businesses that align with a client’s values, carefully curated to help clients achieve their business goals.
Teak & Twine’s mission is to help companies grow revenue, convert leads, and engage employees with gifts that work. They’ve created meaningful gift
boxes for companies such as The Wall Street Journal, American Express, Facebook, Gong, and more.

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