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Always a customized approach of Sales Leadership

No two companies are exactly alike and although similar strategies and processes will work, they need to be tailored. Understanding the CEOs vision and setting the strategy that will realize that is the beginning. Then everything about how the sales organization will be redesigned springs from that. Training is terrific but it doesn’t change behavior. That’s why a customized approach to developing the mindset and skillset of your leaders and their teams is best. Training, combined with practice and great coaching will move your team forward to peak performance. And of course a customized approach to your unique buyers is paramount. This is why Alice Heiman, LLC always customizes to meet your needs.

Build a unified customer engine

We used to want to build a Sales Machine but our buyers have changed and our focus needs to change. It’s time to map the buyer journey and determine where sales, marketing, customer success and operations intersect with it. Alice will help you make the changes you need to provide an exceptional customer experience that wins customers and keeps them leading to more sales more quickly.

Move to Rev Ops

Together we will look at your strategy, your process, your people and the tools they use. We’ll analyze what’s working to acquire, retain and grow customers.

Insisting that sales, marketing and customer success stop working in silos and work together to improve the customer experience is essential. A plan is needed and it will take time, but you can make progress towards it with the strategy we will build for your team to implement.

Simplify the buying process

A simple question you can ask yourself daily is, “What are we doing to make it easier to be your customer and harder to be our competition?” Simplifying the buying process and making as much of it digital as possible provides a better experience. Together with your team we will find the places that need to be simplified and deploy a plan.

Digital first approach

Are you ready to lead a digital first approach? Gartner predicts over the next five years, an even greater rise in digital interactions between B2B buyers and suppliers will break traditional sales models.

This will require a change in strategy that only the CEO can lead because it crosses many functions in the organization.

Working with Alice we’ve successfully changed the structure of our sales, marketing and customer success departments to more fully support the customer. We are more focused on customer engagement at every point in the buyer journey and our sales have increased tremendously.

Gary Goeke

CEO, Clarity Voice

Are you ready to innovate your sales Process?

I work directly with CEOs to create and implement strategies that maximize sales potential and increase valuation.