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Jul 8, 2014 | Sales

When it comes to sales, why not use your clothing as a resource, just like you do any other sales aids you employ?

A resource is anything available to use to your advantage to meet a need or achieve a goal. Things like time, money, property, energy, food and even clothing qualify as resources. And, while clothes may not seem like a necessity, it’s difficult to get too far from the front door without them.

If you want to look professional, and like an expert in your field, then dressing well and appropriately is a priority. Clothing is that available and effective tool to help you create a positive first and lasting impression, and to project your personality traits, values, attitudes interests and abilities. It also allows others to more easily perceive those traits and to recognize your credibility and abilities.

However, when the term “business casual” comes into play in the dress code, looking professional for the sales and/or the office can be a tricky concept to interpret.

For salespeople the best look is one of approachability and credibility. But what does that look like in the design elements in the clothing? How do we appear knowledgeable and trustworthy about what we are selling by using our clothing? The safest way to do that is to wear softly tailored clothing. For example, unmatched suits, dresses for women, sweaters, jackets and slightly more classic styling in all the designs.

The best place to start is with a great jacket. Depending on who you are, and what your personal style is, you might want to consider something like this:

Suit Up for Sales

If the working environment is more casual, consider wearing styles that still have authorcity, and contribute to a very consciousness look such as these:

Suit Up for Sales

Thankfully the power look of the 80’s is gone, and in its place are narrower, better fitting, more flattering and feminine lines. According to Giorgio Armani, talking about suits for women says, “Power once and power now, are very different…now power can be feminine”.

One strategy for beginning a clothing cluster for sales is to buy a matched suit in a neutral color and combine a variety of tops, sweaters and accessories. By not wearing the jacket and pants (or jacket and skirt) together, you can still look authoritative, but not too formal.

Buying with color and intention helps you to make the most of your clothing purchases.

Suit Up for Sales

In any situation, you can learn to manage your clothing as a resource or a tool to help you think, feel, and act your personal and professional best. And, with today’s personal and professional demands, your wardrobe has to work as hard as you do. If you need help with any of your wardrobe management, consider hiring a professional image consultant.

You can schedule a complimentary professional style consult here:

Your Authentic Image Style consulting

Kathleen Audet is president and owner of Your Authentic Image. Learn more by clicking the photo above.

Kathleen Audet

Kathleen Audet


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