Sales Talk for CEOs: Scaling to $22 Million ARR: Sales Insights from’s CEO (Ep112)

Mar 19, 2024 | Sales Talk for CEOs Podcast

Another company that scaled to over $20M in ARR. How does Alice Heiman keep finding them?

In another insightful episode of “Sales Talk for CEOs” Alice Heiman was joined by Adam Robinson, CEO of, who shared his remarkable journey of bootstrapping his company to a $22 million ARR in just four years. Not unlike “G” Guillaume Moubeche,  from a few episodes ago, Adam is willing to put himself out there and share the good, the bad and the ugly.

This episode offers CEOs actionable insights on leveraging technology for sales success, the importance of transparency, and the power of authentic engagement.

The Essence of’s Innovation

Adam Robinson has carved a niche in the sales landscape by addressing a critical need: identifying anonymous website visitors.’s innovative approach, as Robinson puts it, allows businesses to “know who they are without them filling out a form or doing anything,” revolutionizing how sales teams follow up on leads. This breakthrough underscores the untapped potential in sales technology, urging CEOs to rethink their strategies.

Key Insights for CEOs

  • Innovate to Stay Ahead: Robinson’s journey underlines the importance of adopting and creating new technologies. His message to CEOs: don’t shy away from technology that can redefine your sales strategy.
  • Transparency Builds Trust: By openly sharing his company’s ups and downs, Robinson demonstrates the value of transparency in building a brand. It’s a reminder that honesty can significantly bolster your company’s image.
  • Content is King: Adam’s success story on LinkedIn emphasizes the need for CEOs to leverage social media and content creation to engage with their audience (for actions you can take on that listen to Scott Gillum’s episode). He wisely points out, “I made 18, ten-minute episodes, two different seasons…and I ended up hiring the person full time to basically 5x the output of this.”
  • Product-Market Fit is Key: “Nothing will work without incredible word of mouth,” Robinson states, highlighting the essence of product-market fit. This is a critical reminder for CEOs to continually refine their offerings based on customer feedback.
  • Simplicity in Communication: The effectiveness of’s cold email strategy lies in its simplicity. “We can identify your anonymous website visitors and give you email addresses for people who do not fill out forms. Do you care?” This approach underscores the power of clear, concise messaging.

Engage and Innovate

Robinson’s journey demonstrates how CEOs can actively engage with their communities and innovate relentlessly. In a world where sales strategies rapidly evolve, embracing technology and fostering a transparent relationship with your audience can set you apart.

To gain comprehensive insights into transforming sales strategies and leveraging technology for business growth, make sure to listen to the full episode of “Sales Talk for CEOs” Adam Robinson’s experience is a testament to the power of innovation, clear communication, and community engagement in driving business success.

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[01:43] Adam Robinson, CEO of joins the conversation, hinting at a game-changing sales tool for identifying website visitors.

[02:02] Adam discusses documentary series on the growth of his company and finding the ideal customer profile.

[03:49] The core technology of is revealed, a tool for identifying website visitors without forms.

[05:00] Discussing how personal-level website visitor identification significantly benefits sales professionals.

[06:15] Adam recounts his prior experience in SaaS and the inception of amidst an ultra-competitive market.

[07:11] Shifting from email marketing to discovering the untapped potential in visitor identification.

[10:06] Transition from email marketing to focusing on the more lucrative opportunity with Get Emails.

[10:56] Exploring the initial growth strategies employed, including Facebook ad campaigns and their efficacy in attracting diverse clients.

[13:38] Pivoting to cold email strategies that leverage simple yet potent messaging to resonate with recipients and drive conversions.

[14:38] Emphasizing the indispensability of word-of-mouth and product excellence in scaling a business.

[17:07] Detailing how captivating cold emails with clear value propositions can yield significant business interest.

[21:10] Adam’s vision of scaling without a conventional sales team but with a focus on technology and chatbots.

[23:22] Adam outlines his plans to tap into the B2B market with an innovative and free product offering.

[33:02] Adam invites listeners to try the new free B2B product, concluding the podcast on an encouraging note for aspirational entrepreneurs.

About Guest

Adam is the Founder/CEO of helps businesses identify anonymous people on their website, and pushes their Linkedin profiles to a slack channel, for free!

Adam has bootstrapped to $22m ARR in 4 years, is an avid content creator on LinkedIn, and loves building in public. He’s trying to create wildly immersive experiences – mostly using video – for the community.

Follow him on Linkedin – his handle is RetentionAdam.

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