Sales Talk for CEOs: CEOs on Social Media: A Direct Correlation to Increased Revenue (Ep111)

Mar 12, 2024 | Sales Talk for CEOs Podcast

In the engaging world of social media, CEOs find themselves at a crossroads between opportunity and caution. A recent conversation between Alice Heiman and Scott Gillum on the Sales Talk for CEOs podcast sheds light on this very issue, offering a blend of strategies, insights, and anecdotes that CEOs can’t afford to ignore. The discussion delves into the transformative power of social media for personal branding and the pivotal role CEOs play in this dynamic landscape.

The CEO’s Role in Social Media: A Strategic Imperative

The conversation with Scott Gillum reveals a critical insight: “There is a correlation between your online presence and revenue.” This simple yet profound statement underscores the importance of a strategic social media presence, not just for the brand but for the CEO personally. It’s about being where your customers are, engaging in meaningful conversations, and showcasing the human side of leadership.

Embracing Training and Defining Roles

One of the first hurdles to overcome is the fear of the unknown and the potential for missteps online. Gillum points out, “They want training…they want to know how to do it right.” This calls for a structured approach to social media engagement, where CEOs and senior management are clear on their roles – be it as content producers, sharers, or supporters. It’s about empowering leaders with the skills and confidence to engage effectively, without risking the brand’s reputation.

The Power of Authentic Engagement

Gillum’s work with a global law firm illustrates the tangible benefits of executive involvement in social media, highlighting “a direct correlation between revenue billings and their online presence and activities.” This evidence supports the notion that when CEOs engage online, it not only enhances their personal brand but also contributes significantly to the company’s bottom line.

Strategic Content Creation and Distribution

In discussing content strategies, the importance of planning cannot be overstated. Gillum emphasizes the shift towards “planning a quarter out,” allowing for higher production quality and more strategic content dissemination. This approach ensures that social media efforts are aligned with overall business goals, making every post part of a larger narrative that drives engagement and leads.

Choosing the Right Platforms and Frequency

The digital landscape is vast, with each platform offering unique advantages. From LinkedIn’s professional network to Instagram’s visually engaging stories, CEOs need to identify where their audience is most active. However, Gillum warns against over-posting, suggesting that “less is more” when it comes to frequency. The focus should be on quality, relevance, and strategic timing, ensuring that each post adds value to the conversation.

The CEO as a Brand Ambassador

Finally, the discussion touches on the CEO’s role as the ultimate brand ambassador. Whether it’s championing STEM programs or highlighting community involvement, CEOs have the opportunity to use social media as a platform for sharing what they and their companies stand for. This authentic engagement not only humanizes the brand but also builds trust and credibility with customers and prospects alike.

In Conclusion

The insights from Alice Heiman and Scott Gillum’s conversation serve as a roadmap for CEOs navigating the social media landscape. By embracing training, defining roles, engaging authentically, and strategically planning content, CEOs can leverage social media to enhance their personal brand, amplify their company’s message, and ultimately drive business success. The key is to be strategic, authentic, and always aligned with the company’s values and goals. In the ever-evolving digital world, the CEO’s voice can be a powerful catalyst for growth, innovation, and connection.

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[00:00] Introduction – Dive into the evolution of sales strategies and the need for innovation in today’s markets with Scott Gillum.

[01:01] Challenges in Sales & Marketing – Scott discusses ongoing issues in sales and marketing, underscoring the importance of continuous improvement.

[01:20] Ever-Present Marketing Problems – Revelations on the persistent challenges in the field despite decades of progress.

[02:52] Founding Carbon Design – Scott shares the unique inception of Carbon Design, highlighting its people-focused and flexible work ethos.

[04:05] Value Proposition Creation – Anecdotes on developing effective value propositions using challenger marketing techniques.

[06:29] The Essence of Sales & Marketing – Discussion on the critical gaps between sales and marketing efforts and customer acquisition processes.

[08:04] Social Media Strategy for Leads – Insights into using social media for lead generation and the common mistakes CEOs make.

[09:56] Executive Reluctance on Social Media – Exploring the challenges CEOs face with personal branding on social media platforms.

[11:25] Training Executives for Social Media – The benefits of social media training for senior management and their impact on corporate branding.

[12:33] Importance of Online Presence – Highlighting the direct correlation between an online presence and revenue generation.

[14:01] High-Quality Social Media Content – The shift toward strategic planning for content creation and distribution on social media.

[17:10] Platform-Specific Strategies – Unravel the nuances of different social media platforms for B2B engagement, from LinkedIn to Instagram and beyond.

[22:04] Social Media as a Strategic Tool – Advice for CEOs on the strategic importance of social media and tips on content categorization.

[25:44] Employee Role in Social Media – Encouraging a company-wide approach to social media participation and the specific roles employees can play.

[31:58] CEO Directions on Social Media – Suggestions for CEOs on how to effectively use social media for personal branding and promoting company values.

About Guest

Scott is the Founder and CEO of Carbon Design, a Personality Based Marketing firm. Prior to founding Carbon Design, he was the President of the Washington, DC office for gyro (a Dentsu agency), the world’s largest B2B agency.

His career follows the pipeline. Starting at the bottom closing deals as a sales rep. Then as a management consultant after graduate school, helping clients build sales and marketing channels. Advertising broadened his knowledge and experience in building brands and creating awareness.

Along the way, he’s been the head of marketing for an Inc. 500 company, and an interim CMO for a Fortune 500 company. Today, Scott helps clients improve the effectiveness of their marketing efforts up and down the funnel. From transitioning to digital to finding new ways to communicate, connect, and motivate audiences.

Scott has been a member of the Gartner for Marketing Leaders Council and he writes a monthly column for several publications on business marketing.  In the past, he has been a regular contributor to publications such as Forbes, Fortune, Adage, the Huffington Post and he has contributed to various books on marketing. Currently he writes a monthly column for MarTech.

Finally, his work on sales and marketing integration was made into a Harvard Business School Case Study and is taught at leading business schools across the nation.

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