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Aug 14, 2019 | Sales, Sales Leadership

¾ Inch Bolts 

Were you ever walking down the street thinking, “Wow, I really want a ¾ inch bolt! Nothing would make me happier than a ¾ inch bolt. 

When I asked that question in my last presentation, no one raised their hand. I wasn’t surprised because neither have I. 

In fact, the only way I could tell a ¾ inch bolt from any other piece of hardware is by the labels on the displays at the hardware store. The truth is, I can’t remember the last time I thought about hardware at allunless I had a specific problem to solve. 

However, if I warn my guests to be careful because my patio table’s a bit wobbly, and someone says, “You know Liz, all it would take is a ¾ inch bolt to fix that,” NOW would be thinking, “Boy do I want a ¾ inch bolt. Nothing would make me happier than a ¾ inch bolt.” 

The truth remains, however, that I don’t really want a bolt. I just don’t want the furniture to fall apart, and a bolt would solve my problem. 

How Do You Position Your Solution? 

It’s all about positioning — and not just the wobbly patio table’s lopsided position  

Trying to sell me a ¾ inch bolt is a waste of time. Solving my patio furniture problem is not.  

In fact, if you tried to sell me a ¾ inch bolt, you would be hard-pressed to get more than a couple pennies from me. But If you can fix my table, I don’t really care as much about the cost.   

Knowing how to position your company, your product, and your sales team for success is the difference between getting the results you want and wondering why you aren’t succeeding. 

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Liz Heiman

Liz Heiman


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