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Jul 25, 2014 | Sales

Generating leads or attracting new customers is something any business owner must do.Unfortunately, many business owners use the same tactics as everyone else. The result is often a disappointing trickle of new leads that you have to work hard to sell your services to. Wouldn’t it be nice to attract new prospects who are interested and ready to do business with you?

Authors use their books to generate not only a volume of new leads, but also qualified leads, clients they want to work with who will pay the fees or services they demand. And they do this using a variety of methods from the simple to complex, with increasingly impressive revenues as a result.

Take Financial Advisor, Brian Fricke, for example. Brian obtained five new clients directly from his book. While that may not sound like much, one client is worth $10,000 annually to Brian. Multiply that by five and you have $50,000 per year in new revenues. Multiply that by the number of years Brian will likely serve these clients, and you can see how high this figure will climb.

The number of ways you can use a book to acquire clients is limited only by your imagination.

  • You can hold a client appreciation party and provide complimentary copies of your book as parting gifts.
  • You can personally deliver or mail a copy of your book to your best potential clients.
  • Or you can send your book to the most influential companies and people in your industry.


Direct response guru, Dan Kennedy, encourages advisors to use direct mail to reach ideal clients. “If I was an entrepreneur, and I was going to do direct mail in a market area, I would take my demographic prospect list, then take the affluent, the right age, and the right net worth. I’d be happy to pay five, six times as much to get those names because they’re going to value a book. They’re probably going to read a book.”

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With a book, attracting new customers is easier than ever.  A book distinguishes your lead generation strategy from the common business professional.  As an author and expert, your book will garner more prospects, more leads and ultimately more business.

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Adam Witty

Adam Witty


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