Blog, E-Newsletter or Both?

I am struggling with being able to continuously come up with fresh content, but I know that today’s market demands it.  I love to write but there is never enough time.

I mentioned a few blog posts ago that I was trying something different.  I am using my blog for sharing more personal information about my business and how I do things in order to help others with their business and in my newsletter share more how-to’s, sales and networking info.  What made me decide to do that is several people who influence me and some reading that I have been doing.

My question was – do I really need a blog and a newsletter?  To me it seems like overkill.  I thought I would share with you my current thinking on this topic so that you can decide for yourself what you might need.

After much reading and discussing, I think they serve two different purposes and they have different audiences.

The blog is more like a journal, I can share ideas and thoughts as they come and it doesn’t have to be formal.  The information gets pushed out through social media and it’s free.  It’s more conversational, and my hope is to get people thinking and commenting so that it is a two-way conversation.  It helps establish me as an expert and it should help me get people to sign up for my newsletter and follow me on my other social media channels.

My newsletter is more informational, you will find more of the “how-to” articles. The newsletters are short and to the point.  It is one-way communication.  It only goes to my subscribers.  It also has events and special offers.  It links to my social media and blog.  The newsletter helps me sign people up to use my service so I generate more revenue.

My blog and my newsletter are intertwined but serve separate purposes.  Does it feel like I have to produce a lot of content – yes.  I’ll keep you posted and let you know how it’s working.

If you have had success with producing a newsletter and a blog, please comment below. If you have questions, please post them and I and the others who are reading will try to help.



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