What Titans of Tech Teach Us About Growing Sales Teams with Radhika Shukla (S4:Ep12)

May 13, 2023 | Sales Talk for CEOs Podcast

This episode dives into how large organizations scale their sales teams. But do these approaches work for smaller organizations? Absolutely!

Radhika Shukla has worked in a sales leadership role at some of the largest tech giants including Microsoft and IBM. She takes us through the entire gamut of building high-performance sales teams.

From an ‘Always be learning’ mindset to customer focus, hiring, execution, and motivation she lays out the entire playbook.

Every sentence could be its own chapter.

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About Our Guest:

Radhika is a Senior Sales Executive/Leader with 21 years of extensive experience in strategic sales leadership and business management serving customers across diverse industries in Auto, Manufacturing, Retail/CPG, Financial Services, SLG, and Healthcare. Having worked at tech giants like, IBM and Microsoft, she has extensive experience in mentoring and leading high-performing teams across North America and Asia providing strategic guidance/coaching to craft cost-effective solutions addressing critical business needs and accelerating customer digital transformations. She has an MBA in Strategy from the prestigious University of Michigan-Ross School and is a renowned Community leader serving on the Boards of 4 nonprofits: MAI Family Services, Michigan Crisis Services, Pioneer Medical Research, and Interfaith Leadership Council of Metro Detroit. She was recently named No 1 In the Top 10 Women in Manufacturing by the UK publication Manufacturing Global. A strong believer in being a “learn-it-all”, she has 14 technical cloud and industry certifications under her belt with a deep appreciation for leading teams in solving a customer’s technical challenge through the lens of the economy and business benefits. She is a 4-time National Pageant winner and has been crowned:

Mrs. India 2018
Mrs. Entrepreneur International 2019
Mrs. Michigan North America 2020
Top 5 Mrs. North America 2020
Mrs. Congeniality North America and People’s Choice North America 2020
Mrs. Michigan USA 2021
Mrs. USA 2nd Runner Up 2021

Besides being a well-respected Industry thought leader, keynote speaker, career coach, she is passionate about giving back and is an active ambassador/advocate for DEI, women empowerment, and STEM education. A dynamic, results-driven, passionate Sales Leader with a proven track record of successfully driving up cloud solution sales, substantial ROI and profitability, delivering remarkable results for Fortune 500 companies, and creating growth strategies eliciting best from contributors, she has been featured on several podcasts for her leadership principles/mantra: “Inspire, Empower, Appreciate”

Accomplishments: Recognized No 1 in Top 10 Women in Manufacturing; Microsoft Hero Empathy in Action award recipient; Microsoft US National Gold Standard Excellence for Customer Obsession; Microsoft Worldwide Community Award FY22; FY22 Microsoft Top Sales Manager (sole US recipient to receive Technology Solutions Excellence Diamond Award); IBM’s Manager’s Choice and Voice of the Customer AwardsMrs USA 2nd Runner Up, Mrs Michigan USA 2021, Mrs Michigan North America 2020, Top 5 Mrs North America 2020, Mrs India Michigan 2018.

Social Media link:

LinkedIn:  Radhika Shukla | LinkedIn

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