Sales Talk for CEOs: Thinking Differently about How to Build a Sales Organization with Juliana Stancampiano (S3:E4)

Aug 4, 2022 | Sales Talk for CEOs Podcast

Are you trying to find sellers who check all the boxes of success in sales? Do you believe that you must keep hiring more salespeople to grow sales? That’s what Juliana Stancampiano thought before she tried a radically different approach that has yielded amazing results. Juliana is the CEO of Oxygen, a company that works in the learning strategy space. She joins me today on Sales Talk for CEO in an episode that will challenge your assumptions and have you thinking differently about how to build a sales organization.

Juliana’s strategy for building a sales organization involves scaffolding around her strongest workers. By evaluating their strengths and weaknesses, she finds new team members who fill in the gaps so that each person can work in their zone of genius. The truth is, there are a lot of parts of the sales process that excellent sellers are not good at. Why force them to work in their zone of incompetence where they’ll end up unengaged and burnt out? Letting salespeople do the things they excel at and taking the rest off their plate is how Juliana has found success. She’s explaining her strategy so you can replicate it in this episode of Sales Talk for CEOs.

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Highlights of this Episode:

[07:40] Buying a business during the Great Recession

[13:05] Finding a salesperson who sells just like you

[22:06] Building the scaffolding that supports sales (versus hiring more sellers)

[22:34] Enabling your sales team

[29:55] Generating more customer-ready conversations

[35:41] Keeping your sellers in their zone of genius

[43:54] Thinking differently about how to build your sales organization

About Our Guest

As CEO of Oxygen for well over a decade, Juliana Stancampiano leads a diverse team that is modernizing workplace education, providing businesses and employees with the creativity-fueled learning experiences they require to survive and thrive. Juliana opened the Oxygen Seattle office in 2008 fixated on a set of fundamental objectives: (1) grow a sustainable, profitable business; (2) remain obsessively client-focused; (3) hire diverse people who thrive on collaboration and creativity; (4) do work for clients that helps their people be successful at work; and, (5) lead a company that will scale, stay agile, and remain relevant. Running a profitable and growing firm from day one, while achieving measurable results for a host of Fortune 500s including Starbucks, Microsoft, Expedia, Amazon, and DXC, it is safe to say she can check every box and then some. Juliana authored the book, Radical Outcomes: How to Create Extraordinary Teams that Get Tangible Results, which addresses the very relevant struggle of keeping up with the pace of business by focusing on the single most valuable asset: the people. Juliana, a Native American and member of the Choctaw Nation, is president of the board of the Sales Enablement Society, the largest non-profit organization created to evolve the role of sales enablement.

About Oxygen

Oxygen helps enterprise and mid-sized companies modernize sales enablement and workplace education. The company’s blend of design thinkers, organizational architects, corporate strategists, business analysts, writers, and creators connect learning to people through rich experiences designed for the flow of work and life.

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