Sales Talk for CEOs: The Easiest Way to Get More Business with Barry Trailer (S5Ep5)

Oct 10, 2023 | Sales Talk for CEOs Podcast

CEOs, do you want to unlock the secret to sky-high sales?

Your loyal customers might just have the answers you seek.

Barry Trailer from Sales Mastery Advisors highlights a goldmine of opportunity: diving deep into repeat and referral sales. Believe it or not, expanding within your existing customer base can yield better returns than braving new territories.

Furthermore, while data is crucial, it’s quality over quantity. CEOs should focus on insightful data interpretation, emphasizing process-oriented coaching, adept tech use, and consistent training.

Barry’s revealing Sales Performance Scorecard survey shows just 53% of reps hitting or surpassing their quotas, signifying a pressing need to revamp strategies.

Interestingly, the survey suggests a direct link: the stronger the processes and relationships, the better the sales performance. With peak levels, 61% of reps excel in their roles.

To truly drive sales momentum, CEOs must revitalize internal processes, and make sure the focus is on nurturing customer relationships and optimizing data utilization. By focusing on these cornerstones, soaring sales are no longer just a dream.

Want to dive deeper? All the riveting details await in this informative episode.

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[00:02] Introduction to the podcast and topic of sales strategies

[01:07] Discussion on the easiest ways to get more business

[04:20] The challenges of new reps in new territories

[07:12] The importance of doing the hard work in sales

[12:16] The importance of actionable information from data

[12:51] Levels of relationship and understanding in data analysis

[14:19] Introduction of the sales performance scorecard assessment.

[16:22] Low revenue plan attainment and reps meeting quota.

[18:23] Slow progress in implementing artificial intelligence for sales.

[20:08] The importance of levels of relationship and process implementation.

[27:42] Random process can be successful but lacks predictability.

[29:18] Buyers are better at buying than sellers are at selling.

[30:16] Many sales teams do not fully utilize the tools provided.

[31:46] Lack of user adoption and misuse of tools leads to inefficiency.

[36:11] Managers need coaching on how to coach effectively.

[38:48] Coaching is often misunderstood and not properly implemented.

[43:23] Process-oriented coaching and technology can improve sales outcomes.

[44:28] CRM should be used as a system of record and engagement.

About Guest

Barry Trailer is prominently associated with SalesMastery, holding a leadership position as a past president of both Miller Heiman and Goldmine. Miller Heiman is recognized as a world-class sales training firm, while Goldmine is renowned for its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications. Barry Trailer’s professional experiences extend to the digital platform LinkedIn, where he maintains a professional profile, emphasizing his significance in the global business network. Furthermore, Barry’s insights on the pivotal role of a company’s coaching approach in influencing win rates have been highlighted, suggesting his expertise in sales management and strategies

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