The Art Of Scaling A Sales Team with Kevin Warner (S4:Ep7)

Mar 21, 2023 | Sales Talk for CEOs Podcast

How do you balance growth with quality service delivery?

With no background in sales, Kevin Warner, Co-founder, and CEO, originally decided to hire someone who knew sales and put his focus on delivery. He realized quickly it wasn’t working and took the lead sales role.

Once sales picked up, he built a sales team and grew exponentially but he watched  the quality of service delivery suffer, and client churn increased.

What was the right size for the company where they could serve the clients with excellence, reduce churn and increase profitability?

They had some tough decisions to make. They reduced the team and focused on the success of the customer. He went back to a founder-led sales approach with a sales team to back him.

Under his renewed guidance healthy growth returned. Now at 10 years in, they have achieved low churn, high profitability and now have the valuation that creates the exit options every founder dreams of.

You’re going to want to hear his story.

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[00:00] Introduction to Leadium

[05:47] How to talk to humans

[09:31] Start with proper segmentation

[11:25] The McDonald’s Conveyor Belt of Outbound Sales

[12:54] Founder led Sales

[16:32] Sales is Not a Magic Bullet

[19:51] Back to Founder Led Sale

[24:07] Removing the Roadblocks

[27:35] The Role of the CEO

[29:54] Reducing Churn

[32:34] The End of SDRs

About Our Guest:

Kevin Warner, the Founder, and CEO of Leadium an award-winning B2B lead generation agency.

Kevin is a core visionary behind the rapid growth of the outsourced sales development industry. He has proven that top-of-funnel sales can be scaled through an agency model, by creating over $1 billion in revenue pipeline across 1200 organizations, playing a part in 76 acquisitions, and seeing clients receive $6.5 billion in funding and 5 IPOs. He has experience managing a global team of 600 sales reps, data researchers, content creators, and sales strategists.

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