Sales Talk for CEOs: The 3 Stages of Business Growth with Orrin Broberg (S2:E1)

Jan 13, 2022 | Sales Talk for CEOs Podcast

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said, “The only constant is change.” If you’ve been a CEO for any amount of time, you know how true this is. Your business will morph and change throughout the years, and it’s important that you, as CEO, embrace that. The way you run sales, the type of salespeople you need, and your role in the sales organization will shift as you reach higher levels of success. This podcast will give you deeper insight into the stages of business growth, so you understand where you are and where you are headed.

My guest for this podcast is Orrin Broberg, CEO and co-founder of Modus, a sales enablement platform that helps businesses create meaningful engagements with buyers and drive sales growth. Under Orrin’s leadership, the business has skyrocketed since its start in 2013. In our discussion, Orrin outlines the three stages of business growth that he has experienced in Modus, and shares tips that will help fellow CEOs in every stage of the game.

According to Orrin, the three stages of business growth are as follows:

Stage 1: You’re scrappy and entrepreneurial with a ‘let’s just get it done’ kind of attitude. As for sales, you do most of the work yourself.

Stage 2: ‘Let’s get some kind of management in here!’ becomes your mission. You start to grow your sales team and add people in layers into the organization. You may even start to get some investors.

Stage 3: The 3 p’s are in place: people, process, and product. Backed by a good board and investors, and with trusted sales, marketing and customer success managers in place, you are free to become a future-oriented, strategy-focused leader.

Having made it to Stage 3, Orrin takes a look back at the journey that got him there, sharing advice for each stage and the kind of things he wished he knew along the way. No matter which of the stages of business growth you are currently in, you are sure to gain new insight that will help you reach your next milestone.

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Highlights of this Episode:

[10:20] Building relationships to land big customers

[14:14] The 3 stages of business growth

[18:32] Stage 1: The scrappy entrepreneur

[23:43] Stage 2: Learning to delegate

[31:24] Setting yourself up for success in Stage 3

[35:52] How to know you’ve made it to Stage 3

[38:22] What’s coming in the future

About Our Guest

Orrin Broberg is President and CEO of Modus, a sales enablement platform that helps businesses create meaningful engagements with buyers + drive sales growth. Orrin is a recognized leader in sales, marketing, business development, and entrepreneurship. For more than two decades, Orrin has directed successful organizations in the delivery of award-winning products that have directly addressed unmet market needs. Orrin’s passion has always been the application of technology to solve problems and improve employee performance.

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