Sales Talk for CEOs: Get to Know Your Host (S1: EP1)

Aug 5, 2021 | Sales Talk for CEOs Podcast

I’m excited to announce the very first episode of my brand-new podcast, Sales Talk for CEOs. 

When I decided to add podcasting to my already very busy schedule, I wanted to make sure that the content I provided wasn’t like any of the other thousands of podcasts talking about sales (as wonderful as they may be). And it’s not! 

Sales Talk for CEOs is the first podcast that you’ll find dedicated to helping CEOs with a B2B sale, who want to have a huge impact on sales at their company by not only understanding their role in the sales process but learning how to direct, motivate and develop the best strategy for customer engagement. 

Unlike other sales podcasts, I’ll be focused on speaking directly to the CEO about sales and what they can do to improve the revenue operations of their company. 

I interview the CEOs of innovative SMB companies with a B2B sale who have successfully scaled their sales. The interviews start with the CEOs background in sales and move to the strategy for building the sales organization to where it is today. They’ll be sharing their successes and challenges along the way.  To wrap up, we’ll discuss what the future of sales looks like for their company to meet the changing needs of their marketplace. 

The first few episodes include guests like Mario Martinez – CEO & Founder Vengreso, Julie Thomas – CEO Value Selling Associates, Ganesh Shankar –  CEO & Cofounder RFPIO, Melanie Fellay – CEO & Cofounder Spekit, Jon Ferrara – CEO & Founder Nimble. 

I’m delighted that my friend Park Howell was able to help me launch by interviewing me on the first show. We covered all the reasons I felt passionate about producing this podcast and the format I chose. 

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Highlights of this episode:

[2:21] Why every CEO needs to play a role in sales

[4:02] Changes to the sales environment post-COVID

[5:32] How Alice Heiman went from Teacher to Sales Strategist

[14:50] What the CEOs role in sales should look like and why

[18:55] How Alice works with CEOs to look at where their organization is now and where they want it to be

[28:00] Top three things standing between CEOs and success

I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to talk to CEOs and share with CEOs on this new podcast. I can’t wait for you to listen and let me know what you think. 

Show Links:

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