Sales Talk for CEOs: Revolutionizing Sales Hiring with Lori Richardson (S4Ep22)

Aug 29, 2023 | Sales Talk for CEOs Podcast

Hiring high-performing teams is no easy feat for CEOs, but when it comes to sales teams, the stakes are exponentially higher.

Achieving your organization’s business objectives hinges on building and scaling a successful sales force that drives predictable revenue growth.

But what do you do when sales are stagnant and results fall short of expectations?

It’s time to examine how we, as CEOs, have supported the growth of our sales teams.

In a value-packed conversation with Lori Richardson, a renowned sales strategy expert and founder of Score More Sales, we dive into the crucial factors that contribute to building peak performing sales teams.

Lori emphasized the utmost importance of hiring the right people, empowering effective sales leaders, and providing ongoing coaching and support.

Discover how you can revolutionize your sales teams and supercharge your business success with these insights from a true sales guru.

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[04:30] Challenges with traditional sales training and accountability

[08:37] Importance of hiring the right salespeople and coaching them

[09:45] Discussion on the need for training on hiring and assessing candidates

[11:27] Importance of setting up a customized assessment for each sales role

[13:29] Critique of using personality assessments for hiring salespeople

[17:09] Importance of setting clear criteria and avoiding excessive requirements

[24:09] Discussion on the concept of “culture add” in hiring

[29:58] Importance of expanding networks and connections for diversity hiring

[32:08] Tips for making job postings more appealing to diverse candidates

[35:30] Importance of sticking to the hiring process and not deviating

[40:00] Importance of assessing existing sales teams and leaders

[45:24] Importance of developing a strong sales team for company valuation

About Guest

Lori Richardson is the CEO, Speaker, and Founder of Score More Sales, a consultancy she established in 2002 to assist companies in boosting their revenues through strategic sales endeavors. Her expertise stems from over two decades of experience in B2B sales and leadership roles. With a commendable career in tech sales under her belt, Lori envisioned Score More Sales to be a beacon for leaders of mid-sized businesses, guiding them in hiring competent sellers and appraising their incumbent sales teams. As of 2022, the company marked its 20th year, symbolizing two decades of dedicated service in the realm of sales consultancy. Apart from her role as the head of Score More Sales, Lori has made significant contributions to the sales domain as an author. She penned “She Sells,” a book that serves as a manual for company and sales leaders to effectively discover, enlist, and retain sales talent.

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