Sales Talk for CEOs: Reimagining Sales for the New Era with Spencer Wixom (S5Ep3)

Sep 20, 2023 | Sales Talk for CEOs Podcast

Wouldn’t you love to get into the mind of your sellers and understand exactly what they are thinking? Wouldn’t you love to know what they are struggling with most?

If you could read their minds, or if you asked, what would your sales leaders say it is and what would your sellers say?

Spencer Wixom from The Brooks Group says that his research shows the answer you likely will get if you ask is prospecting and discovery calls. Why, because it’s hard. Harder these days than ever and leaders are still teaching and depending on old methods that don’t work.

Spencer’s insights shed light on the challenges of prospecting and discovery, where traditional modes of communication still reign supreme. In the price-sensitive market landscape, he champions the mantra of selling value over price, urging sellers to convey their solution’s tangible ROI.

But what truly stands out? Spencer’s attention to the emotional and motivational pulse of sales teams. Recognizing the evolving motivations of the younger generation and the nuances of hiring and retention, he underscores the importance of CEOs understanding and catering to individual seller drives.

Join Alice as she unpacks Spencer’s strategies, exploring the future of sales and the critical role CEOs play in shaping it.

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[02:02] Importance of having a simple, fundamental sales process

[05:33] Study shows that prospecting and discovery are the biggest struggles

[11:25] Introducing a formal referral selling program can increase results

[13:06] Connecting people with similar issues strengthens trust in relationships

[19:53] Salespeople need to understand customer value, not just product features.

[24:33] Recognizing trigger events to understand the value of products/services.

[25:54] Burnout and lack of motivation among sales development reps

[27:58] Generational differences in motivation

[32:05] Balancing work-life priorities and productivity

[36:09] Customer indecision and closing challenges

[38:40] The importance of the sales process and relationship building

[39:14] The pressure on salespeople to close deals

[42:04] The importance of team selling and gaining commitment

[48:42] The importance of empathy and understanding buyers’ struggles

[51:42] Importance of understanding natural capabilities and skills for job success

[55:26] Shift in demographics and work dynamics with millennials and Gen Z

About Guest

Spencer Wixom is the President & CEO of The Brooks Group. His primary responsibility is leading the organization to deliver transformational performance improvement in their client’s sales teams. This is done by harnessing the collective effort and expertise of The Brooks Group Executive team and empowering market-leading talent up and down the organization.  Spencer joined The Brooks Group after many years leading global teams as an executive in the sales transformation space, including marketing, sales enablement, research and analytics, and client success.

About Host

The Brooks Group is an award-winning organization specializing in sales training and classes. With a focus on offering top-tier sales training solutions, the Brooks Group aims to empower sales teams to reach their full potential and drive significant business results. Their training programs are designed to be impactful, customized, and aligned with the unique needs and goals of each client they serve. Although detailed services were not provided, the multiple awards and client testimonials indicate a strong reputation and effectiveness in delivering their sales training services.

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