Sales Talk for CEOs: Reimagining How Salespeople Sell with Melanie Fellay (S1:EP4)

Aug 26, 2021 | Sales Talk for CEOs Podcast


On this episode of the Sales Talk for CEOs Podcast, Alice speaks with Melanie Fellay, CEO at Spekit. As a CEO with no sales background, Melanie shares how she tackled solving the problem of training a new sales force by reimagining how salespeople sell. By adding the best sales practices to her entrepreneurial enthusiasm, Melanie was able to find a winning solution that refined their customer profile and increased their product-market fit.

Melanie also shares the importance of hiring a VP of Sales and Customer Success and how this position influences everything from revenue to company culture. She discusses the hits and misses they experienced and the steps they took to reorganize their sales structure.

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Highlights of this Episode:

[01:47] Innovating the training process with Spekit

[10:44] Melanie’s background in supporting sales and overcoming self-limiting beliefs

[18:39] Learning how to sell a product and being deliberate with hiring a sales team

[26:55] Having a clear company vision and hiring the first head of sales

[37:30] Creating an online presence to evangelize and attract clients

[40:34] Building up the sales team and adapting to changing buyer behaviors

[48:32] Sales advice for fellow CEOs

About our Guest

Melanie Fellay is the CEO and Co-Founder of Spekit, the highest-rated and easiest-to-use digital enablement platform that maximizes employee productivity, helps you onboard faster, and drives tool adoption by reinforcing your training and enablement in real-time, in any application.

Melanie is a BizOps and Enablement enthusiast with expertise driving Salesforce transformations and architecting employee-centric learning solutions. Melanie graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder, with a degree in Accounting & Finance. In her free time, Mel enjoys dancing to live music at Red Rocks or hanging with her mini-goldendoodle puppy, Rufus.

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