Sales Talk for CEOs: Improving Sales Discovery with Jody Glidden (S2:E15)

May 19, 2022 | Sales Talk for CEOs Podcast

People are bombarded with emails and sales messages. Response rates have plummeted. The number of quality interactions with prospects has declined.

As a result, each interaction is more valuable than ever before. By using sales discovery to truly understand the prospect, you can build a relationship and partner with them to solve the challenges they’re facing. In today’s world, every CEO should be looking to improve sales discovery, and that’s why you’ll want to listen to this episode of Sales Talk for CEOs with Jody Glidden.

Jody Glidden is CEO of Introhive, a customer intelligence software that does discovery research and delivers valuable insights about clients and prospects to your sales team. During our conversation, we talk about how important ‘discovery before discovery’ is to successful calls with prospects. We explore how technology for sales discovery has changed throughout the years and the problems with the current methods. You’ll also learn about using relationship intelligence before discovery calls and the role of storytelling in overcoming objections during calls. Each interaction your sales team has with a prospect is valuable! Learn how to improve your sales discovery by listening to this episode of Sales Talk for CEOs.

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Highlights of this Episode:

[4:47] Two reasons why sales discovery is harder today

[12:09] An eye-opening experience in sales

[21:17] Analyzing the problems with sales discovery

[26:40] Using relationship intelligence for sales discovery

[32:44] Team-based sales training (including storytelling)

[39:57] Discovery BEFORE discovery

[48:50] Maintaining executive alliance with the sales team

About Our Guest

Jody Glidden is the Co-Founder and CEO of Introhive. Founded in 2012, Introhive is the fastest-growing B2B sales and relationship intelligence platform. The company was recently recognized as a consecutive winner of Deloitte’s Fast 50 Canada and Fast 500 North America Awards programs and has been named twice as a MarTech Breakthrough Award winner for Best CRM Innovation. A Canadian-native, Jody attended the University of New Brunswick for his undergrad before getting his Masters Degree from Harvard. His entrepreneurial spirit was evident from a young age when he was designing, building, and selling num-chucks at school. As Jody grew, so did his passion for programming and business. Introhive is the 5th company he’s been involved in founding and building, with three previous successful exits including Chalk Media, icGlobal, and started his career in teaching in the software department of a tech college where he realized he could program software to guide students through their learning curriculums. Eventually, that software was acquired and he joined the tech sector, where he never stopped bringing his unique point of view to the table to solve sales, marketing, and programming issues for a range of companies.

About Introhive

Introhive captures and delivers customer intelligence to sellers when and where they need it to find, win, grow, and retain more business.

Founded in 2012, Introhive is the fastest-growing B2B customer intelligence and data quality management solution, recently recognized as a top 10 fastest growing technology company in Deloitte’s Fast 50 Awards and the MarTech 2021 Breakthrough Award winner for Best CRM Innovation.

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