Building and Implementing Scalable Processes with Veronica Buitron (S4:Ep6)

Mar 14, 2023 | Sales Talk for CEOs Podcast

Most CEOs have a hard time running one successful company. Veronica Buitron runs two!

Her secrets boil down to simple, hard-won lessons. First, you need a process for everything to be successful and to scale. Second, you need to trust and empower your teams.

Every CEO can learn from her episode.

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[00:00]  – Introduction

[2:26] – Tango Code: Redefining Software Development 0

[03:53] – Automating Process for Scalability

[10:02] – Engineering and Sales Are Both Just Solving Problems

[14:50] – Building Visions Together

[16:30] – Shared Success

[18:36] – Understanding the Sales Process at An Early Stage

[21:02] – Building a Sales Team Starts With A Defined Process

[28:11] – The CEO Sales Role

[32:39] – How Veronica Runs Two Companies

[35:12] – Implementing Agile Across the Entire Company

[36:20] – Trust and Empowerment

About Our Guest:

Veronica Buitron is the Co-Founder and CEO of TangoCode a software development company and Chassis, the leading platform enabling digital marketers to automate & accelerate search and social campaigns. As a female entrepreneur, Veronica considers it essential to not only create a diverse and progressive culture within her own company but also to promote it within the tech community. These values have enabled Chassis to create the industry’s most innovative digital marketing solution automating and accelerating ROI for its clients.

Chassis enables businesses to use first-party data to create a more effective marketing offering, achieving results 4X faster than using Google or Facebook. The platform promotes automation as a catalyst for marketers to be more productive and efficient in serving their clients and achieving scale.

Veronica is an avid reader and enjoys speaking on diversity, innovation, and their interrelated relationship. She is a passionate business leader, a lifelong learner, a mentor to other women in technology, and a devoted role model for her three children.

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