Sales Talk for CEOs: Building A Revenue Team in 2022 with Arman Eshraghi (S3:Ep14)

Nov 8, 2022 | Sales Talk for CEOs Podcast

Arman Eshraghi can teach us something about building sales teams from scratch. He is, after all, on his fourth startup Qrvey. So, what has he learned from one startup to the next? What has he changed and what stayed the same?

One constant that remains true for Arman, if you, as CEO and Founder can’t sell your product, bringing in a sales team won’t solve the problem.

Once you do bring in a sales team, Arman believes  sales teams only succeed if they can see that the product is helping customers. This is the only way to build their confidence. Do you agree?

Another major shift, in perspective for Arman over the 4 startups is the way to measure success.  Sales numbers are not it. Successful customers is the ultimate measure.  Making Qrvey indispensable to every customer is the finish line.


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Highlights of this Episode:

[1:29] Qrvey is an embedded analytic technology that SaaS companies can infuse within their own product rather than spending years and millions of dollars building it themselves.

[3:50] The world is about data and what you can do with that data. If you have a coffee shop, and you want to make more sales you could improve your coffee, or you can improve your data and do better marketing. Better marketing will improve revenue more than improved coffee.

[4:24] Amazon is Amazon because they have data and the more data they have, the faster they grow.

[6:28] The software world is getting to the point that you just put pieces together unlike 30 years ago when you built everything from scratch.

[8:32] If you, as a founder, cannot sell, bringing in a sales person won’t solve the problem.

[10:16] I would like to admit that good sales people do a much better job than me. When it comes to sales, I cannot really keep up with them. (Because as CEO, he set them up for success)

[12:46] In my previous company, I came to market when the web was brand new. We came to market in a completely different way.

About Our Guest:

Arman Eshraghi is a serial entrepreneur presently serving as Founder and CEO at Qrvey. Arman’s professional career includes founding four B2B software companies while also serving as an advisor to startups and entrepreneurs. He is a member of Mindshare and the Forbes Technology Council and also a board member of INCspire.

When he’s not working on his own startup or advising other startups, he can be found sharing his thoughts on leadership, entrepreneurship and technology on Linkedin, Medium and

Arman currently lives in the San Francisco Bay area with his family of three. For fun, Arman maintains an unusually large board game collection and sometimes designs his own strategy games, drawing inspiration from everything, especially from the nature around us.

About Qrvey:

“Qrvey delivers embedded analytics specifically designed for SaaS companies, empowering them to offer rich self-service reporting and dashboarding capabilities to their business users easily and quickly.”

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