Better Prospecting Leads to More Sales Conversations with Wendy Weiss (S4:Ep8)

Apr 11, 2023 | Sales Talk for CEOs Podcast

Is your sales team struggling to have conversations with the right buyers?

Better prospecting is the most direct path to increase sales conversations. Wendy Weiss takes us through the four steps to improve your sales team’s ability to schedule sales calls.

Her four steps are:

  1. The right list
  2. Great skills
  3. Strong process
  4. The right software

What can your team add to improve their prospecting?

Watch the podcast below or on our YouTube channel.


[00:00] Chapter 1: How do we get more conversations with buyers

[01:50] Chapter 2: 4 things to move the needle

[06:31] Chapter 3: The List

[11:27] Chapter 4: The Skills – Prospecting versus Selling

[17:19] Chapter 5: Skills – Researching the Buyer Need

[22:15] Chapter 6: Skills – Leaving Voicemail

[30:19] Chapter 7: Skills – Diagnosing Buyer Responses

[37:16] Chapter 8: The Process

[40:16] Chapter 9: The Software – Making Prospecting Easier

About Our Guest:

Wendy Weiss is the founder of the Salesology Prospecting Method that generates predictable sales revenue results. Wendy has helped 775 businesses increase qualified appointments and sales faster, more easily, and more profitably. She is the author of The Sales Winner’s Handbook Essential Strategies to Skyrocket Sales Performance and Cold Calling for Women Opening Doors & Closing Sales. A former ballet dancer, Wendy believes everything she knows in life and business she learned in ballet class. From warmups to rehearsals, she shows her clients how to perform at their best and close all the sales they need.

Company Info

Salesology is a sales training and coaching consultancy, with expertise and solutions for developing new businesses. As a pioneer and leader in the crowded new business development space, Salesology sets the standard for sales training. Owned and operated by Wendy Weiss, she and her team help sales leaders and individual contributors speed up their sales cycle, reach more prospects directly, and generate more sales revenue. Clients like Avon Products, ADP, New York Life, and thousands of entrepreneurs throughout the country have used and benefited from these time-tested techniques to amazing results.

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This is the link to the On-Demand webinar that explains Wendy’s prospecting Model.

This is the link to the sales page for the Salesology Plus program.

Lead Magnet
Salesology Prospecting Toolkit for Business Owners


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