Sales Talk for CEOs: Encore of Aligning Your Go-to-Market Team with Pouyan Salehi (S5Ep2)

Sep 13, 2023 | Sales Talk for CEOs Podcast

Product. Sales. Marketing. Customer Success. If you want to grow your business, your entire go-to-market team has to be in perfect alignment. Providing a seamless experience makes such a huge difference to customers, but it’s often hard to achieve. Luckily, you’ll get plenty of ideas and inspiration in this Encore Episode on the Sales Talk for CEOs podcast.

My guest for this interview is Pouyan Salehi, CEO of Scratchpad, a workspace designed specifically for sales and revenue teams. Scratchpad has a unique bottom-up sales model where—on the one hand—the end-users of the software (sales reps) are not the buyers, but—on the other hand—the end-user experience is instrumental in getting sales conversations with decision-makers at large companies. A fully aligned go-to-market team is crucial to success, and, in this interview, Pouyan shares how he achieves it.

As Pouyan explains, aligning your go-to-market team has nothing to do with tools and processes. Instead, you have to start with mindset, prioritizing ‘delight’ and ‘experience.’ “We’re a software company, and we build a product, and people buy the product. But that’s just one component,” says Pouyan. “What we’re essentially doing for every user interaction that we have is we’re giving them an experience. We’re delivering an experience, and that experience should be one of delight.”

This mindset drives sales and customer experience at Scratchpad and has brought the entire go-to-market team together into one cohesive unit. Scratchpad has established a base of raving fans that any CEO would envy! Listen in to hear how Pouyan has done it, so you can apply the strategies to your business too.

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[2:25] Designing a space for sales team efficiency

[7:24] Understanding diversity in sales reps

[9:26] Balancing structure and individual flexibility

[13:45] Selling your idea and testing your value proposition

[20:25] Designing a complex go-to-market motion

[29:40] Building a fully aligned go-to-market team

[35:19] Creating raving fans

About Our Guest

Pouyan Salehi is co-founder and CEO of Scratchpad, the pioneer of the Revenue Team Workspace. Prior to Scratchpad, Pouyan was co-founder and CEO of PersistIQ, the complete outbound platform engineered from the ground up for sales. A successful serial entrepreneur, Pouyan also co-founded Lera Labs (CycleIO) and has dedicated the last decade to improving the sales process for B2B enterprise sales reps and teams.

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