Virtual Selling

What is good selling?

There is a lot of focus on virtual selling right now; the camera, good lighting, and how your team can engage customers virtually. However, good selling skills still apply. Virtual or not.

What we want to do is take the focus off virtual and focus on good selling.

All the CEOs and sales leaders I work with want to provide an exceptional customer experience. If your desire is to provide that exceptional customer experience, then your focus can’t be on virtual selling, it has to be on building a world-class sales organization.

Watch the webinar below to learn: 

  1. Why you should stop focusing on virtual as the issue
  2. What the real issues are
  3. What good selling looks like in challenging times

Virtual Selling


About the Author Alice Heiman

Alice Heiman, the CEOs Sales Coach. According to, she is among the world’s leading experts on the complex sale. She strategizes with sales leadership and provides innovative ideas to grow sales. Originally, from the widely known Miller Heiman Group, Alice and her team incorporate the newest research and best practices to provide sales programs that generate immediate and sustainable results.

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