Sales Talk for CEOs: Using My Time: Drink Your Coffee While it’s Hot! (S5Ep18)

Jan 16, 2024 | Sales Talk for CEOs Podcast

This week Alice shares her reflections after having time to think during the holidays.

In this podcast she considers how CEOs should use their time to do what is most important to them and that are things only they can do.

She talks about how CEOs need to stay in their genius zone and find others to do the rest. It’s tempting to continue doing so many things, just because you can, when someone else could do them better and leave you to do what you do best.

As CEOs you always have so much going on and most of you are still heavily involved in sales as well. Alice points out that you need to start to think differently about your time.

In this episode she recommends that you drink your coffee while it’s hot.

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[00:53] Importance of using time effectively as a CEO

[01:34] Being a better leader and supporting sales strategies

[02:23] Metaphor of drinking coffee while it’s hot

[03:36] Taking time to enjoy and savor the moment

[04:45] Tips for keeping coffee hot and writing things down

[06:00] Importance of morning rituals and self-care

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