Use this Simple Rule to Win More Deals with Dmitri Leichik (S3:Ep20)

Dec 20, 2022 | Sales Talk for CEOs Podcast

Years of trust can evaporate in a matter of moments if you forget this simple rule. Dmitri Leichik learned the hard way that customers are not buying your product, they are buying your commitment to their success. The moment they perceive a transactional motive, you’ve lost.

Utilizing a founder-led sales model, Twistellar has grown globally and still relies on Dmitri’s long-term relationship strategy that in many cases takes years to mature from conversation to trust to a project.

If you sell B2B, you have to assume that a potential customer already has a trusted supplier. They may say no to you on a Monday and yes on a Friday because something changed in that relationship.

Timing and luck are everything and that’s why you have to be tireless in maintaining relationships over long periods of time.

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Highlights of this Episode:

[3:24] You need to clearly understand how people interact, how people communicate, and how your salespeople actually work every day to make their customers happy. Only then can you automate the process.

[5:14] A professional consultant must focus on the customer’s business processes, not the solution features.  Sometimes our role is to convince the customer not to spend money on a solution because the business is not ready.

[8:27] In sales, the first step needs to be defining “What difference can you bring to the table?”

[9:49] To be successful, three factors need to come together at the same time: You need luck to be in the right place at the right time, you need to be very active to be in as many places as possible, you have to be working hard to make every customer successful.

[11:49] I still do most of the selling myself since I am the best person to match business needs to technical solutions. I am a technical advisor and am never trying to sell a specific solution.

[13:47] In B2B, a potential customer already has a supplier to solve their problems. You have to get to them at the exact moment where they have some reason to consider a new partner.

[14:45] We work 12-14 hours a day so that we can always be available to give friendly advice. That’s how we ‘sell’.

[18:48] To win business, you have to demonstrate that you bear the responsibility for the project’s success.

[20:49] It can take years to build a relationship before the first project. On the other hand, one wrong action can spoil that relationship in one day.

[23:01] You must consider all of the people in an organization who benefit from your work. They are part of your word-of-mouth referral network especially when they move to a new company.

[26:50] The sales process ends when the work is done and the customer is happy.

[28:10] Mistakes can be made and it’s critically important to take responsibility for them. We recently underestimated a project by 400 hours and we accepted the loss.

About Our Guest

Dmitri Leichik is CEO and co-founder of Twistellar,  #1 Salesforce Consulting Partner in Denmark. Dmitri brings more than a 20-year background of being a co-owner and CEO of a group of trading and production companies, providing hands-on management experience.

For now, Dmitri is a business expert who’s responsible for corporate strategy, finances, business development, customer relations, and general operational efficiency in Twistellar. He managed to gather a team of 100+ motivated professionals in just 5 years.

Dmitri is a master of business & service processes automation and optimization. He ensures that the customer is always the key figure at Twistellar.

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About Guest Company

Twistellar is a #1 Salesforce Consulting Partner in Denmark, working with customers in the USA, Europe, Asia, and Australia. The company provides top-quality Salesforce solutions development services to solve complex business issues and boost sales.

Twistellar has grown from 0 to 100+ in-house consultants in 5 years. The company’s headquarters are located in Copenhagen, Denmark, with development centers in Poland and Georgia. Twistellar also has its own products delivered on AppExchange — Sculptor CPQ (a native Salesforce interactive quote generation solution) and Dash (a visualization tool for dynamic clickable charts in Salesforce Lightning).

In 2022, Twistellar was announced as the #1 Salesforce Consultant in Denmark by and entered the global TOP-10 list of the best Salesforce Consultants by

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