Sales Talk for CEOs: The Importance of Understanding Sales with Steve Benson (S1:EP7)

Sep 16, 2021 | Sales Talk for CEOs Podcast

On this episode of the Sales Talk for CEOs Podcast, Alice speaks with Steve Benson, the CEO of Badger Maps, the #1 route planner for field sales. Steve and Alice discuss how it can be helpful for CEOs to have a background in sales when starting out and growing their company. 

Steve also shares some key information regarding the level of involvement a CEO should have in sales – and how being too involved for too long can cripple your business.

Watch the podcast below or on our YouTube channel.

Highlights of this Episode:

[3:06] Being a business owner with a sales background

[6:59] Getting people on board in your company – what you can do as CEO

[10:50] Building the sales organization in your company

[20:41] Supporting sales and the CEO’s growing role

[25:51] Making your customer feel important, secure, and happy

[31:00] Hiring outside help to communicate more freely in the office

About our Guest

Steve Benson is CEO and founder of Badger Maps, the #1 App in the App Store for outside and field salespeople. After receiving his MBA from Stanford, Steve joined Google, where he became Google Enterprise’s Top Sales Executive globally in 2009. He also hosts the Outside Sales Talk – a podcast specifically for outside salespeople, and is the President of the Sales Hall of Fame.

In 2012 Steve founded Badger Maps. Badger helps outside salespeople:

* Accelerate Sales with Territory Intelligence to automatically plan, route, and schedule. Uncover more of your best opportunities with the Best Sales Mapping App.

* See your customers in color, on a map of your territory

* Automatically optimize your route to get 25% more sales and drive 20% less

* Get new leads and sell more

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