Sales Talk for CEOs: Teaching Your Sales Team to Have Authentic Conversations with Brent Keltner (S2:E6)

Mar 10, 2022 | Sales Talk for CEOs Podcast

Brent Keltner is the founder and President of Winalytics LLC, a go-to-market and revenue acceleration consultancy. His upcoming book, The Revenue Acceleration Playbook, teaches CEOs and go-to-market teams the importance of having authentic conversations with potential buyers.

In this episode of the Sales Talk for CEOs podcast, we dive into the topic of authentic conversations: what they are, how to spot them, and how they differentiate your business. The episode will leave CEOs contemplating what authentic conversations with their customers look like and how to build and train a sales team that can have these conversations.

We cover all aspects of having authentic conversations with buyers during our discussion. You’ll learn how to find out if your team is currently having authentic conversations, how authentic conversations can lead to better discovery calls and more sales, and how to hire salespeople with an aptitude for having authentic conversations. If you’re looking to differentiate yourself from the competition, having authentic conversations is the way to do it. Listen in to learn more!

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Highlights of this Episode:

[1:27] Authentic buyer conversations

[9:50] Outbound and inbound marketing for lead generation

[10:56] The importance of referrals (and how to get more!)

[15:20] Better discovery calls: shifting from shallow discovery to value discovery

[18:44] Hiring the right salespeople for authentic conversations

[23:24] The importance of playbooks in marketing, prospecting, and selling

[31:30] Saying goodbye to product pitching and traditional selling

[33:51] Authenticity wins

About Our Guest

Brent Keltner, Ph.D. is the founder and President of Winalytics LLC, a go-to-market- and revenue acceleration consultancy.  He is also the author of the forthcoming book The Revenue Acceleration Playbook.  Winalytics helps clients reach their top growth potential by shifting from product-driven conversations to authentic conversations that anchor on what each buyer and customer values most.  

Before starting Winalytics, Brent spent more than a decade as a revenue leader in enterprise to early-stage companies, including Kaplan, Eduventures, Plus Delta Partners, and CollegiateLink. He began his career as a Ph.D. social scientist and spent 10 years conducting qualitative research interviews at Stanford University and the RAND Corporation.

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