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Virtual Selling

[Webinar] Virtual Smirtual: Good Selling is Good Selling

What is virtual selling and how is it different, or is it? There are dozens of online courses on virtual selling, books on virtual selling are popping up everywhere and CEOs are panicked that their sales

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[Webinar] The Mistake You’re Making with Account Planning (and How to Fix It!)

When you think about account planning, does your mind jump to maximizing revenue from your existing accounts? Do you start strategizing around ways to keep those accounts from competitors? If so, it’s

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[Webinar] Engaging Prospects Across Platforms

Join Alice on Thursday, July 11th at 10 AM Pacific for this FREE webinar, Engaging Prospects Across Platforms. Where Are Your Prospects? You need to meet your prospects where they are. That might be at

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[Webinar] Creating a Pleasurable Experience for Both Buyers and Sellers

In today’s ever-evolving and extremely competitive landscape, a winning business must be agile and adapt to the times. We are in the thick of the next massive wave of change – the services economy,

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Trade Show Webinar

WBE Expert Series Webinar: Turn LEADS into DEALS: Creating a Winning Strategy to Generate MORE Revenue from Trade Shows

WBE Expert Series Webinar (did you know Alice Heiman, LLC is a CERTIFIED Women-Owned Business?!): Turn LEADS into DEALS: Creating a Winning Strategy to Generate MORE Revenue from Trade Shows 60 power-packed

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[Webinar] How to Retune Your Value Prop to Attract and Win YOUR Target Buyers

In this lively panel discussion, Lisa Dennis and Liz Heiman will discuss how to use a value proposition to propel your sales by: Knowing your buyers Understanding buyer objectives Personalizing to the

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[Webinar] Customers for Life: The Art of Keeping Your Best Clients

On Thursday, August 9th at 2 PM Pacific (5 PM Eastern), join Alice Heiman as she shares her expert advice on customer retention for The Sales Experts’ Sales Summit. During this webinar discover how

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[Webinar] Key Accounts: An Insider’s Look at How to Foster Relationships and Get More Sales

On Thursday, August 9th at 8 AM Pacific (11 AM Eastern), join Liz Heiman as she shares her expert advice on key accounts and how they can help YOUR business grow. In this webinar you will learn:  Why

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[Webinar] The Sales Leader’s Role in Conquering the Complex Sale

It is getting harder to close large enterprise deals. It’s not as easy as it used to be, and it requires sales and company leadership to become involved. Without doing the salesperson’s job, what is

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[Webinar] The 8 Elements of a Complex Sale

Is your sale complex? Are there multiple buying influences and long sales cycles? Are these deals getting more complex and harder to close? If you have a B2B complex sale, there are 8 elements you need

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