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Winning Strategy

[Webinar] From Struggle to Success: How to Help Sales Teams Build a Winning Strategy

Sales is a numbers game, but can also be a stressful game. Many B2B sales reps struggle with defining their overall selling strategy. For this to be successful, creating a clearly defined framework that

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Sales 3.0 Leadership Summit

Virtual Sales 3.0 Leadership Summit

Join us on May Thursday, May 28th for the Virtual Sales 3.0 Leadership Summit! This online event will equip you with the latest insight and strategies on leading your sales team during challenging times. Attend

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[Webinar] Six Great Strategies for Selling in Tough Times

Is your sales team having a difficult time selling during the coronavirus pandemic? If you answered yes, this webinar is for you. Register now to learn 6 great strategies from Sales Rock Stars (like our

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Sales Team

What To Do When Your Sales Team is Struggling

When sales teams struggle, I like to investigate three critical aspects of their sales strategy.  Market Position Ideal Customer Profile  Value Proposition A strategy that helps you hit your revenue

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Fire Up Your Sales Team

The Heat is On! Summer is here (in some locations it’s hot) and it seems everyone is on vacation. This might give your salespeople a signal to slow down because they think everyone is out of the office.

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Sales Strategy

This is How to Use Sales Strategy for Success

In May of 2018, Salesforce reported that 57% of sales reps didn’t hit their sales goals. Fortunately, by the end of 2018 things were looking up. Only 46% of sales reps didn’t hit their goals. If, like

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The Sales 3.0 Conference | Las Vegas

Use code lvah50 to get 50% off your ticket! But hurry! The code expires on Friday, October 5th.  Sales leaders need to continue to develop themselves if they want to increase the success of their sales

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