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Poorly Positioned: Ask Your Sales Reps These Questions to Close More Deals

Your Sales Team is Poorly Positioned Your salespeople are poorly positioned and that is stretching out your sales cycle and preventing deals from closing.   I know, I’ve been coaching their deals. Their

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It Starts With You: Transform Your Mindset, Skillset and Toolset to Drive Sales Growth

I know that you, as a sales leader, want to drive rapid, exponential sales growth that’s going to skyrocket your company. That’s why, I’m going to give you some ideas on how to do just that,

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Conquer the Complex Sale

The Sales Leader’s Role in Conquering the Complex Sale

Too often we leave salespeople out in the field to fend for themselves on some very complex and challenging high dollar deals with companies 10 to 100 times our size. Crazy, right? In our organizations,

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Sales Growth

Exceptional Sales Growth Requires an Exceptional Leader

Working to improve sales at small companies is always challenging. Every company leader I work with wants rapid, exponential growth. It’s not that exponential growth isn’t possible, but there’s

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Rev it Up | San Diego

Register Now for Rev it Up San Diego! Join Women Sales Pros for their annual Rev it Up – Sales Leader Summit in San Diego! At this event, you will get outstanding sales and sales leadership insights

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5 Tips to Help You Be Successful in Sales

Some of the most talented salespeople don’t come from a business background or even start out in that profession. Take Alice Heiman. She’s trained some of the largest sales teams in America, but

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This is Why You Must Break Away from the Day to Day

Develop Yourself As sales leaders, especially when we are also running the company, we need to take time to develop ourselves, even though our lives are crazy busy. We need time to innovate so we can

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2 Important Activities That Will Close More Deals

When I was sales executive, much of my time was spent helping my sales teams focus on key sales activities and shifting their perspective to the customer’s point of view. And as a sales coach today,

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