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April 2021 Sales 3.0 Conference

The Virtual Sales 3.0 Conference

On Wednesday, April 21st, and Thursday, April 22nd, join us for The Sales 3.0 Conference! A virtual event for B2B sales leaders who want to excel in our new virtual world. Register now (use code alice21

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Best Day

Are You Having Your Best Day?

As leaders, most of us work long hours. It’s not unusual for me to hear a CEO or sales leader tell me they put in 12-hour days. There is always so much to be done and not enough time. Even when we love

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Sales Coach

Winners Have Great Sales Coaches

No matter what industry you are in, the game of sales has changed. As I always say, “Good selling is good selling,” but there are some changes we all need to make to continue to bring in new business

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Sales Books that will help you grow

4 Sales Books That Will Help You Grow

More books! In our last book round-up, I shared 3 sales books you could recommend to your sales leadership for cost-effective learning opportunities and book clubs. I hope they read a few. I’d love

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Sales 3.0 Conference in Torono

Sales 3.0 Conference – Toronto (We are waiting to see what September brings before we confirm this conference.)

Use my code alice50 to get 50% off your ticket! Register now! Sales leaders need to continue to develop themselves if they want to increase the success of their sales team. You need to invest in yourself

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3 Books for Selling in Turbulent Times

3 Books for Selling in Turbulent Times

While we’re taking this time to adjust to the world around us, we must keep our schedules as regular as possible and continue to fit in learning each week. A great and cost-effective way to keep

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How CEOs Can Lead Sales Change through Historic Times

How CEOs Can Lead Sales through Historic Times

For months, the coronavirus has dominated conversations and news coverage around the world.  If you’re like most CEOs, in March you watched with growing alarm as massive global companies like Dell,

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Sales 3.0 Leadership Summit

Virtual Sales 3.0 Leadership Summit

Join us on May Thursday, May 28th for the Virtual Sales 3.0 Leadership Summit! This online event will equip you with the latest insight and strategies on leading your sales team during challenging times. Attend

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Sales Strong

How to Keep Sales Strong in Tough Times

In the past few months, the world feels like it’s been turned upside down. And while it’s true there’s no real historic precedent for teams being suddenly told to work from home, this also isn’t

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Sales Team

What To Do When Your Sales Team is Struggling

When sales teams struggle, I like to investigate three critical aspects of their sales strategy.  Market Position Ideal Customer Profile  Value Proposition A strategy that helps you hit your revenue

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