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Where Did I Get This Business Card?

Here I sit, the queen of follow up, writing a post about follow up because the past few weeks I have failed miserably at it.  Everyone blocks time on their calendar to attend an event, whether it be a

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Meet Your Next Prospect at Little League

Where do you meet your prospects? I’ve met some of my best prospects at my son’s sporting events. Year’s ago when my son played Little League baseball, I hated sitting through those

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Back to School on Social Media

It never hurts to go back to basics and  regroup. When it comes to social media, things are changing so fast it is tough to keep up. Here are 8 tips to help you look at your social media plan in a basic

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#1 Way to Render Networking Useless

Lack of follow up. Networking is useless if you don’t do any follow up. After the event, immediately enter the business cards you collected into your database. Be sure to add any notes you made on the

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5 Ways to Prepare for Networking Events

If you want to make the most of networking events you need to plan ahead. Ask yourself these questions: 1. Why are you attending the event? 2. What kind of audience is this event targeting? 3. Who will

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8 Secrets of the World’s Most Successful Business People

by Maribeth Kuzmeski (reprinted from the Sales Gravy Newsletter ) It’s a question most of us have asked ourselves: What makes successful people so, well, successful? It’s tempting to think

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