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Turn your Profile into a Fan Page – Please!

But only if you are using your Facebook profile for your business.  I have a few pet peeves and one of them is people not following social media etiquette.  On the one hand, who cares and on the other

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Is a Business Male or Female?

Why do I keep writing about Facebook, I am not a Facebook expert.  Yet I use Facebook daily for business as part of my marketing strategy.  I do believe that small businesses can generate interest and

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Is Facebook a Waste of Time for Business Owners?

“Social media takes so much time and I don’t see it generating business.” I have heard this from many small business owners. It’s true that you can spend lots of time and not get

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Do You Want to be My Friend?

Some of you might know that I use to be a reading specialist and that I have a rather large collection of children’s books. So what might you ask does that have to do with sales. Well, often times it

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Provide Content & Be Consistent on Facebook

Businesses need to develop a social media strategy as part of their overall sales and marketing plan.  In my previous post, I mentioned 3 keys to developing a successful Facebook strategy that will help

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3 Keys to Developing a Successful Facebook Strategy for your Business

It’s hard to believe the number of people who still ask me if they should be using social media for their business.  Although there are certain businesses or industries who may benefit less from social

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