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Trade Shows

[Webinar] Get Fired Up to Close More Deals

According to Gartner, events and trade shows are the single biggest marketing budget line item in a marketer’s program this year, and given the increasing pressure to prove ROI, it is critical to

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[Webinar] Don’t Leave Money on the Trade Show Floor: 3 Ways to Turn Leads Into Deals

Stop leaving money on the trade show floor! Register now for this free webinar. On Tuesday, October 30th at 12 PM Pacific, join Dianna Geairn and Alice Heiman co-founders of Trade Show Makeover as they

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Effective Sales Management

How to Woo Your Sales Team to Exceptional Results: The 5 Cs of Effective Sales Management

Are you desperate for better results from your sales team? Before you fire them all, try the 5 Cs of effective sales management. Provide clarity, consistency, coaching, collaboration and don’t forget

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Confidence Closes More Deals

There is no doubt that confident salespeople close more deals. I had this conversation this week with one of the great sales teams I have the pleasure of working with. In fact, I often have this conversation

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Poorly Positioned: Ask Your Sales Reps These Questions to Close More Deals

Your Sales Team is Poorly Positioned Your salespeople are poorly positioned and that is stretching out your sales cycle and preventing deals from closing.   I know, I’ve been coaching their deals. Their

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I’m Different! Pick Me! Use Differentiation to Close More Deals

Do you feel it? Is the competition getting more fierce? Especially the competition of utilizing inside resources or worse, to make no decision.    How do you stand out from the crowd and get them

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Conquer the Complex Sale

The Sales Leader’s Role in Conquering the Complex Sale

Too often we leave salespeople out in the field to fend for themselves on some very complex and challenging high dollar deals with companies 10 to 100 times our size. Crazy, right? In our organizations,

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Stop Handling Objections & Start Closing More Deals!

How often do you lower the price of your product or service to close a deal? Many times objections come up during the sales process and we are too quick to appease with a price reduction.  Price can

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8 Questions You Need the Answer to Before you Can Close the Deal

Closing the deal doesn’t have to be hard. It starts with building a solid relationship with the people who will make the decision, clearly understanding their needs, matching your offering to their

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