Sales Talk for CEOs: Successful Growth through Acquisition with Jessica Fialkovich (S5Ep11)

Nov 28, 2023 | Sales Talk for CEOs Podcast

How do you wind up being a business broker after a luxurious career in the high-end wine business?

Funny story.

After working in the corporate world around 2008 and 2009 Jessica Fialkovich and her husband saw her friend who had a luxurious wine business brokering really high-end wines around the world. They thought how fun it would be to taste wine and travel for a living so with the help of their friend started their own wine business.

Three years later, it turns out that tasting wine all day was exhausting and they decided to return to something more corporate.

They hired a business broker to help them sell the wine business and as they say, the rest is history.

Jessica and her husband now own Transworld Business Advisors, a thriving company offering M&A services and Exit Factor, helping small and midsize businesses to increase their valuation for an eventual sale.

They’ve grown tremendously over the 10 years and how did they do it? At first, networking, door-knocking, and becoming a valued resource in her local business community. More recently she’s authored a very useful book called, Getting the Most for Selling Your Business and she and her husband have acquired several businesses.

Jessica shares her secrets to making acquisitions. Successful acquisitions require patience, relationship-building, and a knack for spotting opportunities. As Transworld Business Advisors continues to grow, their commitment to community service and client relationships ensures a promising future.

Join us in exploring Jessica’s remarkable journey and uncover the secrets to thriving through strategic acquisitions!

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[02:25] Jessica’s transition from the wine business to business brokerage

[04:08] Decision to join a franchise model for business brokerage

[08:18] Challenges of hiring salespeople and the importance of cultural fit

[12:00] Growth of sellers and team expansion in recent years

[14:17] Researching and selecting new markets for expansion

[18:51] Writing a book as a lead generator

[23:07] Reasons for growing through acquisition: people, market share, services

[23:56] Importance of timing and readiness for acquisition deals

[25:25] Acquiring “fixer upper” businesses for strategic growth

[28:02] Learning and adapting to the acquired organization’s operations

[31:33] Jessica’s company culture and growth

About Guest

As a business exit expert and speaker, Jessica Fialkovich helps small businesses owners with under $10 million in revenue who desire to build a legacy.

She provides insights and guidance around the overwhelming world of buying and selling a business, giving peace of mind throughout the decision-making process.

Jessica Fialkovich offers 10 years of thought leadership within small business M&A and has personally bought and sold multiple companies.

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