Streeeetching Again!: Excellent Service in Costa Rica

Jun 26, 2012 | Business Owners, Sales Coaching

As a business owner it is always good to stretch yourself. It makes you look at things differently and try new things. A few weeks ago I posted about Crowdfunding, stretching myself by learning new things.  Another way I stretch myself is through taking adventures.  About 7 years ago, I went to Patagonia and rafted the Futalafu river with 11 women. Now, that was an adventure. In 2006, I went to Belize and sailed around the Cayes for 8 days. Most recently I spent 7 days in Costa Rica. I am happy to report that I don’t work when I am on these trips. I plan them about a year in advance. I let all my clients know and work like crazy the week before to be sure everything is set so I can just take off. Freeing my mind from work is a great thing. When I come back I am ready to tackle the world again with a fresh view.

The other thing I like about traveling is getting to know new people and seeing how things are done in other countries. In Costa Rica, the people were so friendly. The customer service was far above what we experience here in the U.S. You could tell these people really wanted the tourists to come back. We were treated like royalty in each hotel and restaurant. Because of our experience, I can and will recommend all of the places we visited freely. Wouldn’t it be great if all of your customers experienced that? If every interaction with your company made them feel great? If any of your customers are asked whether or not they highly recommend your company, what would they say? Even when not asked, if the opportunity arose- would your clients tell people to use your products and services? Having satisfied customers in this economy is not enough. What would it take to move to the next level at your company. How could you start moving some of your customers from satisfied to loyal? The return on the investment could be enormous.

As I sit here and reflect on my trip, I ask myself, “How did I stretch? What kind of impact did Costa Rica have on me as a business owner?” My stretch . . . as learned by the great customer service I received in Costa Rica, is to move my clients from satisfied to loyal and help my clients do the same for their customers.

Have you had a wonderful customer service experience that made you want to be a better provider for your clients? What do you do to “streeeetch” your way of thinking? Please share them with me.




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