Start Up Your Sales
How to Build a B2B Sales Organization from the Ground Up

a 6-week, live, online program beginning on Wednesday, Feb 6th  @ 11 AM Pacific


Stop! Before you spend $100,000 on a salesperson… Set them up for success.

Founders, who want to drive sales will set sales up for success by:

  • Create an executable sales strategy to achieve your sales goals
  • Generate and manage leads to get the sales you want
  • Claim your position in the market and stay on track
  • Craft value propositions that makes customers say, “Do that for me?”
  • Define an effective sales process that charts the path to close
  • Generate and manage leads to get the sales you want

"Start Up Your Sales not only taught me numerous things about both the marketing and sales side of business development, but it also helped me get clear about our positioning and which words to use to articulate our why, who, how. Thank you, Liz!"

Nicole Anthony

Founder & CEO, TheSiteEdge

"I thought I knew a lot about Sales. Boy was I wrong.  I changed my whole process based on what I learned from Liz Heiman in Start Up Your Sales."

Kevin Quan 

Founder & CEO,

Create Processes & Strategies 

Discover what processes and strategies your organization needs to be successful.

Implement Your Knowledge

Take what you have learned and implement it in your organization, all with the help of your coach.

Build Your Successful Sales Organization

You will have discovered the key strategies to build a successful sales organization from the ground up.


Start Up Your Sales is for Founders, who want to drive sales growth quickly.

Book your discovery call and discover how to:

  1. Clearly define your ideal customer
  2. Claim your position in the market
  3. Craft value propositions that speak to your ideal customer
  4. Create an executable sales strategy
  5. Define an effective sales process
  6. Generate and manage leads


You will walk away with what you need to build a B2B sales organization, including: 

  • A fully functional funnel
  • A clearly defined sales process
  • An operational sales strategy
  • Effective sales messaging 
  • A lead generation strategy 
  • An actionable hiring plan

Join this program and get:

  • A playbook with tools to run your sales organization
  • Two private 30-minute coaching session with Liz Heiman
  • Recorded sessions for your future review

Meet Your Coach

Liz Heiman, Chief Strategy Officer 


Phone: 775.852.5020

Liz Heiman is the strategic thinker behind Alice Heiman LLC, a sales consulting firm focused on building B2B sales organizations for mid-size and start up companies to deliver extraordinary growth. Liz meticulously creates a roadmap of the step-by-step process for sky-high results.

Sales Growth Strategies

  • Week 1: Sales Messaging: Develop your value proposition and the sales messaging your team needs to close more deals.
  • Week 2: Your Sales Strategy: Develop a sales strategy to guide your sales organization.
  • Week 3: Lead Generation: Strategies for finding the leads you need.
  • Week 4: Your Sales Process: Establish the steps you and your customers must go through in order to sell your product. 
  • Week 5: Building Your Sales Funnel: Develop a funnel that will help manage your leads and enable accurate forecasting. 
  • Week 6: Putting it All Together: Put the pieces together to make a strong sales organization.
  • BONUS: Building Your Sales Team: Establish criteria for who you will hire, what they will need to succeed and when you will hire them.


Start Up Your Sales is 6-weeks. Each week includes a 90-minute, live, online session. 

  • Session 1: Wednesday, February 6th @ 11 AM Pacific (2 PM Eastern)
  • Session 2: Wednesday, February 13th @ 11 AM Pacific (2 PM Eastern)
  • Session 3: Wednesday, February 20th @ 11 AM Pacific (2 PM Eastern)
  • Session 4: Wednesday, February 27th @ 11 AM Pacific (2 PM Eastern)
  • Session 5: Wednesday, March 6th @ 11 AM Pacific (2 PM Eastern)
  • Session 6: Wednesday, March 13th @ 11 AM Pacific (2 PM Eastern)
  • BONUS Session: Wednesday, March 20th @ 11 AM Pacific (2 PM Eastern)


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