Sales Talk for CEOs: Scaling Your Business with Trusted Partnerships with Angela Saunders (S2:E16)

May 26, 2022 | Sales Talk for CEOs Podcast

Angela Saunders is the CEO of Vorum, a company that provides digital workflow solutions worldwide for the design and manufacturing of custom prosthetics and orthotics. Started in 1989 by Angela’s father, the company has seen big changes since Angela became CEO two years ago. She’s not starting from scratch, though. Angela is taking the trust her father built over decades and strategically leveraging those trusted partnerships to scale the company. To learn about her journey and get inspiration for your own, check out this episode of the Sales Talk for CEOs podcast.

During the episode, Angela and I talk about the trust that her father built with clinics, hospitals, and individuals throughout Vorum’s 33-year history. When Angela stepped in as CEO, one of her first objectives was to define the core customer, so she explains how she did that and how she created a sales growth plan centered around this core customer. You’ll also learn how Angela is coordinating a massive mindset shift in the business as they seek to scale through their relationships with trusted partnerships. Get all of this and more by listening to the episode now!

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Highlights of this Episode:

[2:10] Enabling a better patient experience

[7:15] Building a business based on trust

[11:33] Narrowing down the core customer

[16:28] A sales growth plan centered around the core customer

[21:52] A company-wide mindset shift

[33:31] Analyzing wins and losses

[35:41] Breaking free from silos

About Our Guest

Angela Saunders has the privilege of representing Vorum as its Chief Executive Officer since October 2020. Her team strives to address the challenges facing O&P professionals today as the premier end-to-end solution provider of CAD/CAM services in the worldwide market. With over ten years of experience in the orthotics and prosthetics field, Angela brings her vision for improving the standard of patient care through technology, making it easier than ever for clinicians worldwide to elevate their practice.  

Angela has held several different key positions across her time at Vorum from training new clinicians on 3D scanning and digital design, to fostering relationships with value-added resellers in global marketplaces, to most recently working with her Leadership team to align her whole company around serving partners as their core customer. She is also active in the Vancouver tech community, serving as Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors at Acetech.

Angela is a proud graduate of Queen’s University and holds two Bachelor’s degrees in commerce and Biochemistry.

About Vorum

Vorum is the world’s most trusted provider of end-to-end digital workflow solutions for the O&P market. Every 60 seconds, somewhere in the world, a patient is fitted with a custom device made using Vorum technology. More than 30 years on, Vorum continues to help practitioners make the best custom O&P devices through consistent innovation, breadth of design capability, and unparalleled support – creating a SurePathTM to Success for every customer. 

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