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Sales Success Coaching Groups with Alice Heiman

Make this your best sales year yet!

Join Alice Heiman and other business owners in a Sales Success Coaching Group

“By working with Alice, our company has grown 22% in just a few months” – Loretta Bonilla, Owner Front Office Staff

Designed for small business owners to get world class sales advice at an affordable price.

What are your sales challenges? You need to generate more leads or better control your sales cycle. Or maybe you need the skills to close more deals. Alice will guide you in laying the foundation for successful sales by helping you develop your sales strategy, build your sales process and gain the skills you need. Imagine turning your business into a selling machine so that new and repeat business flows through your doors and you exceed your sales goals.

“Alice gave me a detailed road map of where, when and how to reach my goals. If you are at a plateau in your business and want inspiration and ideas for how to reach the next level, I highly recommend Alice Heiman for sales coaching!” Marilee Wintz, Owner of Sage Interiors

Who participates?

Small business owners who do business to business sales:

• Are at a plateau in their business and want the inspiration and ideas to reach the next level.
• Are considering hiring a sales team.
• Need to generate more leads and close more deals.
• Question whether their sales process is efficient.
• Are having trouble forecasting sales and have dips in their revenue.

“Alice is full of great ideas that she brilliantly tailors to my business. I highly recommend her Sales Coaching programs!” Alicia Lindsay-Dietrich, Owner Mac-O-Rama

“Alice’s energy and unbridled enthusiasm for sales, coupled with her expertise and contacts have made building my sales apparatus both enjoyable and effective!” Tim Erlach, Owner Erlach Computer Consulting

New groups are forming now! Call 775.852.5020 to save your spot

What’s delivered?

12 weeks of world class sales advice in small groups
(locally in Reno and across the country via web meeting)

Coaching on:

• Building a successful sales strategy for your business
• Your lead generation
• Customer retention programs
• Getting more referrals
• Your deals that won’t close
• Objections your customers bring up
• Leaving effective voicemails
• Sales call planning
• All of your sales challenges

Training on:

• Alice’s Goal Based Selling system
• Effective lead generation including how to get connected online
• Building and maintaining a solid sales funnel
• Time Management for Increasing Sales

“With what I learned from Alice, I have been able to increase my sales 30-40% over last year.” Adele Trebil, Owner The BreakThrough Environment

New groups are forming now. Call now to join and have your best sales year ever! 775.852.5020