Sales Talk for CEOs: Navigating the Future of Partner Selling with Cassandra Gholston (S4:Ep15)

Jul 11, 2023 | Sales Talk for CEOs Podcast

Can you imagine saying goodbye to confusing spreadsheets and emails that track partner relationships and sales?

Imagine the possibility of your team instantly identifying sales opportunities in your partners’ networks?

Cassandra recounted those early days saying, “We started to understand the difference between mercenary sales and missionary sales. And this was missionary sales.”

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[05:36] Referral selling is important.

[22:29] CEOs can train sales teams to properly prepare and bring them in at the right time for customers or prospects.

[23:03] CEOs should be involved in sales to show they care about their customers.

[24:44] Cassandra started Fempire to bring powerful women together and promote women leaders.

[28:06] Outdated sales strategies like cold calling and spamming on LinkedIn are not effective.

[31:29] CEOs can feel like they’re on an island by themselves, but the podcast and networking can help.

[33:47] Co-selling is a big deal, and every company is looking to do it.

[34:44] Customer success is important for high user adoption and making customers successful.

[35:46] Ongoing customer success is necessary for customer renewals and growth.

[39:48] Tenured customer success teams are important for success in a down market.

About Guest 

Cassandra is a customer and partner-obsessed CEO who has been driving revenue with and for partners her whole career.

As an enterprise software sales rep, she knew her secret to success was working with partners. Helping partners get into new accounts, leveraging her relationships to accelerate partner deals, and sharing insights helped her build a web of trusted partnerships around her accounts. This approach propelled her to the #1 enterprise sales rep spot three years in a row.

At the height of her enterprise sales career, and with two young kids at home, Cassandra had an epiphany for a new software product that would help every B2B sales rep save time, sell more, and crush their quota with partners. She quit her job, co-founded PartnerTap, and built the industry’s first ecosystem sales platform. Today PartnerTap is the leading partner ecosystem platform empowering channel, partner and sales teams at HPE, Lumen, Genesys, ADP and SAP Concur to share data and co-sell with partners.

About Company

Partner Tap is a data sharing application that allows secure sharing of CRM data between companies, automating account mapping and pipeline sharing. The platform helps companies identify new logos to target and where they have existing customers or inroads. The company works with all large CRMs and even some smaller ones, and has been successful, working with some of the largest companies such as HP, ADP, and SAP.

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