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What others are saying

“Helpful guidelines”


Very helpful guidelines to creating a clear strategy and something every sales strategist needs to know.

Ian Cartwright

“Love the analogy”


Love the analogy of a ship and sales strategy. It makes perfect sense. Thank you, Liz!

Corrine Casanova

“Great resource”


Great Resource. I like the way you kept your article up to the point. and mentioned the reasons in short and simple points one can remember. So thanks for posting !!

Darren Ong

“Worth reading!”


Worth reading article Liz !! The steps explained by you are fruitful to create a better sale strategy. I do believe in the digitalization era, artificial intelligence is shaping our sales strategy. It can analyze a vast amount of data in a short time and predict the revenue with a high degree of accuracy, which will help the manager to make an appropriate sales strategy. AI tools named CSAT.AI, MaestroQA, and ScorebuddyQA are also used by many organizations to serve their customer and develop their business.

Jennifer Akers

“Thank you!”


Thank you so much, this really helps. Great.

Wendy - CEO, VIE People