My Sales Secret – My Mastermind Group

Feb 11, 2015 | Sales

If two minds are better than one…

then a group of minds is pure genius!

Do you have a trusted group of individuals that you can share ideas with, learn from, and ask for advice? A mastermind group can be a great way to increase your sales. I’m lucky enough to have a group of eight women, including myself, who I mastermind with year round. I am going into my second year of doing this with them, and I can tell you that it has improved my business and my sales tremendously. A mastermind group can help you stay focused on your goals and implement your strategic plan.

Mastermind groups may sound like a buzzword, but they’ve been around in some form or another for centuries! The term itself was originally defined by Napoleon Hill in his book “Think and Grow Rich”. He interviewed Andrew Carnegie inquiring as to the secret of his success, Carnegie replied that it could be traced to the “sum total of the minds” of his business associates.

“Analyze the record of any man who has accumulated a great fortune, and many of those who have accumulated modest fortunes, and you will find that they have either consciously or unconsciously employed the ‘Master Mind’ principle.”

– Napoleon Hill

Here are a few examples of successful mastermind groups throughout history:

  • The Inklings: Composed of poets and writers who helped to deliver The Chronicles of Narnia and The Lord of the Rings. A few of its members were C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Owen Barfield.
  • The Junto: Founded by Benjamin Franklin. There were twelve members, and they came together to discuss self-improvement, politics, theology and science.
  • The Vagabonds: Composed of Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Warren G. Harding, Harvey Firestone.

These are only a few examples of mastermind alliances throughout history. But it is clear that forming the right mastermind group has the potential to change your world.

So what is a Mastermind Group exactly…?

It’s a team of hand-picked advisors committed to your personal success. For me being part of a mastermind group is like having my own board of directors, which a company my size would not normally have. What I love is that everyone in my mastermind is 100% committed to the success of the other members. The members of my group are all over the country, so we meet monthly online and once a year in Phoenix for three days.

During these meetings we share our strategic plans, ideas, questions, triumphs and struggles. I get immediate feedback on my business and learn from the others’ experiences and wisdom.

How my Mastermind Group has helped my business?

Being the outgoing optimist that I am and having SOS (Shiny Object Syndrome), my group has helped me stay focused and complete tasks. They help me prioritize and problem solve. They are tough on me when I need it and they also help me recognize my strengths and celebrate with me when I am successful.

You may want to start a Mastermind of your own.

Whether you own a business or are in sales (or both) I firmly believe this will help you increase your sales.

If you are a business owner or if you’re in sales, find a group of like-minded people who don’t compete with you who you trust and see if they’d like to get together once a month to mastermind. Here’s a resource you can use to start your mastermind group, “How-to Create Your Ultimate Mastermind Team”.

If you already have a mastermind group let me know how it has helped you. If you don’t, get one started! As always if you need ideas on how to generate more leads or to strategize on an account that won’t close, schedule a free 30 minute conversation with me (775)852-5020.

Alice Heiman

Alice Heiman

Alice is nationally known for her expertise in elevating sales to increase valuation for companies with a B2B complex sale that have exceptional growth potential. She’s originally, from the widely known Miller Heiman Group. Spending her time strategizing with CEOs and their leadership teams to build the strategies that find new business and grow existing accounts is her passion.  Her clients love her spirit and the way she energizes their sales organization.


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