Sales Acceleration Programs

When you are ready to grow, having the right systems in place will help launch your sales to the next level.  Enable your sales team to hit their goals by providing the structure and support they need. Predict accurately and use data to manage your growth.

System 1

Business Strategy to Drive Revenue

  • Tell a story to explain the vision
  • Establish values to tell who, how and why
  • Craft a Mission that simply states what you do
  • Define your position in the market
  • Craft a customer-focused value proposition
  • Narrow your focus to your Ideal Customer
  • Calculate goals

System 2

Sales Strategy to Guide Sales

  • Assess where you are now
  • Identifying areas for growth focus
  • Clarify revenue streams
  • Prioritize the target markets and regions
  • Calculate the sales math
  • Align with business strategy
  • Determine individual sales rep plans

System 3

Sales Process for Complex Sales

  • Understand the stages of your sale
  • List necessary activities for each stage
  • Clarify what information is needed at each stage
  • Determine gates to move to next stage
  • Identify content and tools needed at each stage
  • Align sales process with sales funnel/CRM

System 4

Funnel Process to Manage Opportunities

  • Build a funnel or update the funnel you have
  • Understand what your funnel is telling you
  • Build assumptions about sales cycle and velocity
  • Refine the sales funnel math
  • Create a process for managing the funnel
  • Create a process for managing team around funnel

System 5

Lead Generation Strategy

  • Use Sales Strategy to determine lead volume
  • Identify activities that can generate leads
  • Figure out the math to support that activity
  • Create a map and calendar
  • Determine resources available to support strategy
  • Create a plan for each rep

System 6

Plan to Build a Sales Team

  • Detail process and activities from target to close
  • Define the sales job based on process
  • Identify the skills and attributes salespeople need
  • Write a job description
  • Establish assessment criteria
  • Define the interview process and questions

System 7

Strategies to Grow Key Accounts

  • Establish Criteria to define Key/Strategic Accounts
  • Create account teams
  • Match account goals to Sales Strategy
  • Establish a baseline and history
  • Whitespace map to find opportunities
  • Create and execute a 3 to 5-year plan
  • Check-in process

System 8

Account-Based Lead Generation System

  • Establish Criteria and select key accounts
  • Create a Buyer Value Proposition Chart
  • Create a list of possible actions for each buyer
  • Finalize activities and who will do them
  • Create a management tool
  • Write messaging for each activity
  • Introduce plan to execution team