Move Deals Through Your Pipeline with The Centricity Model with Sean Doyle (S4:Ep3)

Feb 14, 2023 | Sales Talk for CEOs Podcast

Sean Doyle applies behavioral science to marketing and the sales funnel. His model is called Centricity and he shares important lessons about alignment between sales, marketing and customer success to move deals through the funnel.

Sean says, “Deals stall in the middle of the funnel because we aren’t giving the buyer what they need to make a decision.If you are still feeding them information about your product features and benefits, they are 80% likely to decide to stick with the old, lower risk, status quo.”

On the other hand, we know that if you help them make sense of the information, you are heading in the right direction together. Sometimes this takes sales, customer success and marketing together and at different points in the customer journey.

This lively interview will help every CEO with strategies to help their team move more deals through the middle of the funnel to close.

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Highlights of this Episode:

[00:00] Strategic Versus Creative Marketing

[06:17] Behavioral Science: The Centricity Model

[13:22] Your Buyer’s Problem

[18:36] Marketing and Customer Success at the Closing Table

[24:08] Making it Easier for Customers to Buy

[31:00] 6 Step Pipeline: Tracking Steps Versus Activity

[38:00] Emotional and Rational Content: Marketing and Sales balance

[43:40] Selling is Helping

About Our Guest:

Sean M. Doyle is principal at FitzMartin Inc, a leading consultancy focused on optimizing sales and marketing investments of emerging middle- market, B2B businesses. FitzMartin’s clients earn on average an ROI of $287 per $1 invested. Through a 30+ year career with over 5,500 client engagements, Sean saw the need for a repeatable, systematic, objective go-to-market model. The model, Centricity, informs sales, marketing, technology and creative decisions. His niche is helping executives identify opportunities to achieve their strategic, personal and financial objectives.

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