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Everyone wants more engagement at the trade shows and events they invest in. Everyone I know would like to fill their pipeline with qualified leads. Everyone I know would like to prove their ROI from events by showing how much revenue was generated from the leads they got. 

I had a great conversation on the #SellingWithSocial podcast (episode 125) with my good friend Mario Martinez (CEO and Founder of Vengreso) about trade shows can be a dependable source of qualified leads.

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You may be skeptical, and I understand why. 

Trade Show Failures

Many companies are failing to get a healthy return on investment.  

They spend time, money, and resources and these events are a huge marketing expense when they could be a source of qualified leads that will turn into closed deals. 

The biggest trade show fail is lack of preparation, second is the failure to train your booth staff.  

It’s obvious the minute you walk up to the booth when a company hasn’t prepared, and their staff hasn’t been trained 

Mario and I had a great discussion on how sales managers can get better engagement at the booth for your next trade show and get qualified leads that will turn into deals.  

Warning! Mario asked me to reveal a little-known fact about myself at the beginning and it took us down a path we had no idea we would take. I think you’ll enjoy the beginning but if you want to get straight to the bit on trade shows fast forward to 19:42.  

Mario and I discuss:  

  • The biggest trade show fails I’ve seen 
  • Who should staff your booth 
  • Why the marketers don’t want salespeople to work the booth 
  • What salespeople should do in the booth 
  • How to have memorable conversations that continue after the show 
  • How Mario has never been trained to work a trade show in his 22 years of sales 
  • Setting goals 
  • And so much more 
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Most of you have a full-time job and on top of that, you are tasked with running trade shows and events. It’s not easy. If you want to avoid late-night planning and last-minute stress around trade shows, schedule time to talk with a trade show expert from TradeShow Makeover™. We understand and we promise to help make your events easier and get better results. #LEADSintoDEALS   

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