2 LinkedIn Profile Secrets For Hiring Top Salespeople

Apr 19, 2017 | Sales

A Note From Alice: Building a sales team that delivers revenue and is a joy to work with starts by making the right hires. For sales leaders and business owners, putting this type of team together means attracting talented, smart, go-getting people. LinkedIn can be an invaluable tool to reach the candidates you want—if you design your profile to attract them. Below, my friend, Larry Levine (a top social sales strategist and sales coach) shares two ways you can use your LinkedIn profile to attract top salespeople.

Writing this blog about how to use your LinkedIn profile to attract new customers got me thinking about ways sales leaders and business owners can attract high-quality sales professionals through LinkedIn.

Social media matters when you’re recruiting and hiring sales reps. When a socially savvy sales leader or business owner wants to hire a salesperson, they’ll check the candidate’s social media channels to monitor activity. The quality of the content the candidate posts and the frequency of how often that person engages may have some influence on the hiring process.

If you’re looking at a candidate’s social profile, what do you think that sales candidate is doing to you? Don’t you think he or she is looking at your website, your social channels and your LinkedIn profile? What opinions are they forming about what you can offer them?

When positioned correctly, your LinkedIn profile can attract the right job candidates to your company. To make it appealing and inviting, make sure your headline and summary provide information and details that would make someone want to work for you.

What Does Your Headline Tell Me?

Write a professional headline. This is your moment to grab the attention of the ideal candidate. Most people are not aware that your professional headline follows you wherever you go on LinkedIn in every post, every comment, group discussion and published article. What would entice someone to want to know more about your company? A professional headline of “Sales Manager at XYZ Company” or “Providing Sales Professionals Growth Opportunities by Fostering a Culture of Leadership, Coaching, and Collaboration”?

Attracting or Repelling?

Design your summary to attract great salespeople. I love this summary section! It is the most powerful part of your LinkedIn profile. In 2,000 characters, you can tell sales candidates how you can help them get to the next level in their careers, who you are, and what motivates you. Use this section to tell interested potential sales reps about how you can help them. Appeal to their emotions and position yourself as a relationship builder. Some key points to highlight include:

  • A clear vision and great team
  • Access to resources
  • Clear expectations
  • Company culture fostering growth opportunities
  • Company growth potential

Think about the summary section from the perspective of the sales candidate. Ask yourself what would entice them to come work for your business. Try to answer questions such as:

  • What kind of environment do I provide to my sales team?
  • What do I love most about what I do?
  • How do our clients describe the work of my sales team and their support?
  • What do I want to be professionally known for?

By tweaking these two areas of your LinkedIn profile, you can clearly communicate why the best candidates should join your company and what you offer to help them succeed.

Create value, be proactive, and promote yourself. Get out there on LinkedIn and become visible to your next great hire!

If you need help attracting A players to your team, I can help. Together we can get your online presence in the right shape to attract them! Schedule some time with me and I’ll give you a few ideas, and here’s a free guide to get you started. 

Larry Levine

Larry Levine


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