Sales Talk for CEOs: Level Up Sales at Your Company with Expert Steve Benson (S2:E12)

Apr 21, 2022 | Sales Talk for CEOs Podcast

On this episode of Sales Talk for CEOs, Steve Benson, CEO of Badger Maps, joins me as an Expert to talk about what CEOs can (and should!) be doing to level up sales at their company.

Now hold on a moment before everyone goes, “Wait a minute, I have a sales leader who does that. I have a CRO in place. I have a VP of sales.” Yes, I’m sure you do. But CEOs always have a role in sales, regardless of whether the company was just founded or is a mature business. The role changes as you grow, which is what we’re talking about during this podcast, a special episode in my Experts Series.

During our discussion of how CEOs can level up sales, Steve and I focus on three important roles in sales that CEOs must embrace.

  1. CEOs are responsible for building the sales organization. Steve has tips on how to do that and how the strategy changes based on how long your company has been in business.
  2. CEOs are responsible for creating a feedback loop and using that to make decisions. Steve shares his thoughts on how the CEO can get data and what to do with the feedback you receive.
  3. CEOs are responsible for creating a culture of learning and curiosity. Steve offers advice on how he trains and develops his sales team, as well as makes ideas on how to make changes when needed.

These are three roles that every CEO should look at improving in their company in order to level up sales. Get started today by listening to this episode!

Watch the podcast below or on our YouTube channel.

Highlights of this Episode:

[5:58] Building your sales team

[8:55] Staying involved in the feedback loop

[14:20] Taking action on the feedback you receive

[19:08] Coaching VPs of sales to make the right hires

[24:32] Making changes to your sales organization

[29:00] Developing your sales team internally and externally

[33:22] The benefits of peer-to-peer training

[38:30] Encouraging a culture of learning

About Our Guest

Steve Benson is CEO and founder of Badger Maps, the #1 App in the App Store for outside salespeople to upgrade existing CRMs with mapping, routing, and scheduling. Steve is also CEO of Badger Sales University. After receiving his MBA from Stanford, Steve joined Google, where he became Google Enterprise’s Top Sales Executive globally in 2009. He also hosts the Outside Sales Talk – a podcast specifically for outside salespeople, and is the President of the Sales Hall of Fame.

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