Let’s Talk Sales! Alice Meets w/ The Best BBQ Catering Co.

This week, I sat down with Larry Rice, owner of The Best Barbeque Catering Company.  If you are having a party anytime this summer give these guys a shout, they are the real deal when it comes to grilling!

Larry has a thriving business in the northern Nevada area.  He would like to continue to grow.  He does most of the selling himself and has a salesperson and may add another.  He has a question that many business owners have.  How do I get my sales people to have the same passion as I do about my business?  As a business owner you should be passionate about your business and no one will probably ever have as much passion as you do.  But you can hire salespeople that love your industry and have enthusiasm and with proper training they will do a great job.

Here are some tips I suggested to Larry.

  • Remember that no one will be as passionate as you are, it’s your business!
  • Attract the right people: Place an ad that will attract someone who loves your business.
  • Select the right salesperson; chose someone who is enthusiastic and passionate about your industry.
  • Passion isn’t coachable, but selling is, so hire someone with the personality and attitude and train and coach for the rest.
Any other tips for Larry, comment below or tell me how you find salespeople that have a passion for your business.
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